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Weigh-In 10.19.2013: Body Fat and Main Event Results As Well

Saturday, October 19, 2013


This morning I did 4 of the 5 Kettlebell Strength exercises. 1 set of each
- Halos (15 halos, each direction@8KG) May move up to 10KG next week
- 2 Hand Swings (20 swings@12KG)
- Goblet Squats (15reps@12KG)
- 1 Hand Bent rows (15reps, each hand@12KG)

Next week, I plan to add reverse lunges. This will be a challenge in that my core and upper legs are not as strong as when I took Pilates. Those along with the swings and squats may necessitate temporarily lowering the weights.

I don't know. I will practice all three moves through out the week. This should lead to good results. Speaking of which... (I smell a segue)

I've been taking a weight conditioning class for the past few weeks. The instructor does integrate upper body exercises into the routine, but about 80% of it is core and legs. If I am able to do 12K reverse lunges next week, it will be because of her class.

One thing I know about my scale is that usually when I lose body fat percentage, it's often because of temporary weight gain. Often from water retention. This week, likely from Beer and Pizza Night.

If that's the case, then I could be considerably lower weight-wise next week. Which leads me to

Main Goal: 195.0
This Week: 198.0 (3 pounds away)

I'm actually going to go for it this week. Every time I've not paid attention to my carb intake, my sugar intake and how much I eat out, I stagnate. Then the week where I start eating the foods that kill my desire for both I lose over 3 pounds. If that happens this week, I'm there.

My motivation? That would be......YOU! Seriously.

I understand that "You've got to do it for yourself first" mentality (*). That being said, I am really happy with my weight but still haven't hit the goal that I set. Several of you have been cheering me on for years on this.

I think with it being this close, I can throw in a 1-2 week effort to choke out some water-weight and then really put the focus on my workouts and bodyfat percentage.

Read between the words, I want closure on this.

I believe that I can do it. Not in the religious self-motivation way, but in the "I can knock my cravings for sugar and eating out back to the stone ages so I'm going to go for it." way.

If not next week, possibly the week after. Next week, I am *praying* for 195.8. The week after, we'll see. I'll happily take whatever I get.

It's on more than ever.

- TD Out!

(*) Even if I totally disagree with it.
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