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Today Is The Day!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Today was the Habitat For Humanity 5k Walk/Run Race. I had to go through a lot just to get here, today. I have had badly blistered feet for two weeks from practice walking. I actually did two complete practices of 5k this week before the race. I got bursitis in my right hip from practice so almost two weeks ago I had a shot in my hip, which help tremendously. This past Thursday I had 7 injections in my spine just so I could do today. We got up at 5 a.m. this morning ,because it takes me a while to loosen up with my back and legs of the morning. I had my husband to put medical tape over the patches on my back connected to my TENS. It shocks my back and help control pain. I put on my Fitbit, clip on my phone beside my TENS and hung a bottle of water around my neck. Off we went to do the 5k this morning. I was so nervous! Don't know why. I had already walk two practice 5ks this week. Our walking time really sucked, however. I knew I would probably get behind. I really just want to do it and finish. Time shouldn't matter right now. That will come later as I get stronger and practice more.

I was so nervous. I really don't know why. Right before the race my stomach cramped up. It was in my diaphragm. It made it hard to breath. I walked around and did some stretches. It helped a little, but not enough. A woman on a megaphone called for everyone to get to the starting line. She was so hard to understand, nobody knew where to stand. Everyone was asking someone else, "What did she say?" So runners were mixed up with walkers. When they signaled for us to start, the runners came swooshing through. Most of us as walkers just stood there for a moment to keep from getting in their way or getting knocked down. Finally, we were off. With the runners rushing by, it just felt so intimidating. With them running by it just tripped my mind and I made the mistake of pushing to hard at the start. I knew better, but off I went. There I was blistered feet and all huffing up the hill. Yes, the first 2 miles was steep hills. I was so winded by the time I was 3/4 the way up the first hill it wasn't funny. I was winded for the first two miles. I was praying the whole way. I got the first mile and just like my last practice, I had to stop for about three seconds and take a deep breath. I did that twice in the first two miles. We were about the middle of all the walkers. Having to stop like I did caused us to be the last of the walkers to come in. I thought, man am I going make it today or what? The runners were great. They passed us twice and every time they passed they would say something very encouraging. It made me work harder. God bless them. I got my second wind after the second mile, but my legs didn't know it. LOL My husband could have placed in the race. He didn't even get winded at all. I kept telling him to go on and get up there with the rest of the walkers. He wouldn't leave me. He said the only thing that matter was we were together to the finish line. I love that man so very much! Finally, we came into the finish line and you would have though we were the first one's in. They cheered us on and were snapping pictures. That made me feel so good and there was the finish line right in front of us. We were last place with the walkers, but on the other hand our time was 10 minutes faster than our last practice. So I felt like we did really good after all. Finishing the race was most important to me. It was for my sister. I wanted to remember her. She was my biggest cheering partner since I started this journey to get healthy and live better. She will not be with me anymore in life, but she will live on in my heart and memories.

I do know I will have to keep on practicing, getting stronger, and train myself to endure more. I will get there. As soon as I conquer better timing with the 5k, it is off to bigger things. I am already thinking about a 10k. Today has been a great day for me and my husband. Believe it or not my blistered feet doesn't hurt so much. Matter of fact I feel really good right now. It was so worth it. I want to do it again in about six days for the Sparkpeople 5k. I want to share some of the photo's we took today.

Bill and I are getting ready for the race.

You can tell Hubbie is still sleepy.

Ready for the race.

I am hoofing it the best I can. emoticon

Coming over the finish line. My face is blood red and I am sweating, but so happy!

Today was for my sister!

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