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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Well, I am hanging in there. I would like to say I am back to normal but that is definitely not the case. I simply have such a hard time without my sleep.

emoticon It was October 2nd that Utah had his seizure and things have gone so crazy since with the liver issues and oh yes, the elbow hygroma before that.

emoticon It was exactly a week prior, 9/25 that all when crazy with the kitchen/hot water heater lead then ended up leading to tearing out the kitchen, subfloor and a moldy crawl space.

I should come back and add pictures. Don't worry none of the crawl space.

So where am I now. A bit confused about Utah's meds. I ma afaid I have been missing one, not sure. He get some at noon and 6pm that I keep in their own container and another at 4AM, noon and 8PM. Anyway, I need not think on this too much and freak myself out. I need to ensure i do it right going forward and stop questioning myself (because I'm tired i'm sure).

I am sleep in bed now with both Utah and Sierra with me on the floor in their beds. So that isi an improvement but there are meds at midnight and 4AM and 6:15 and they are sometimes up in the night, generally out once too. i did try to sleep after the 6:15 meds this morning but generally had a hard time after 4:00.

Ok enough whining from me. The key is that Utah's elbow looks MUCH better and he has had no seizures, even with the Phenobarbital change in dosage. He is still not eating anything but grilled chicken but thank God he is eating that.

I was thinking yesterday... emoticon how I feel i am really doing all of this on my own. I have completely handled the insurance and working with the renovation people. I am the one working from home and dealing with the pups and all their demands. I am also still doing the little things like setting breakfast out.

I about fell over a week ago when my man asked where the silverware was. I said in the chair and he laughed and said, how would I know? I said, because it has been there for a week... since the kitchen got torn apart. It was just a very little thing.
Ok back to the thought... emoticon Is this how it was/is when i get totally consumed by my work???

My DH has been totally consumed with work. Not working but with the crummy boss he has. It is like I have to remind him that there are things going on in our household? I this what it is like when I am 150% focused on work? Likely yes... hum. What am I supposed to learn from this? I need to think on that.

The one thing that does hold true is that I am so over the heels in love with my pups. In a way I question if that is healthy and then i think they are 100% like my kids. So it is odd, but ok. I can be so tired and then look down at my crazy boy (Utah) sleeping in some crazy position, so comfortable and peaceful and I am just so very happy. Crazy huh. When I get tired or frustrated it is easy to stop myself and simply be grateful for no seizures.

Ok, the one bad thing. I am not taking great care of myself.
emoticon I am not eating as good as normal. I have cookies every single day. One day, which is not out of the norm, I had cereal, toast. loads of cheeze-its (horrible things) and a meal bar. I am eating nuts so I am getting some protein.
emoticon Exercise is here and there. I take the pups for a short walk because I think it is good to get them out. I only have been able to get on the treadmill for a walk maybe 2 days this week. It is a question of me time walking or work (where I have been slacking) or dealing with workers here at the house.

Oh that is one positive I forgot to mention. They have finished cleaning the crawl space. They now need to come back to reseal the wood, insulate and then put up the vapor barrier. The work in the house will not start until next Thursday at the earliest I think.

It will be tearing up hardwood in the breakfast areas, most of it in the kitchen is already up. Put in cabinets, put down tile and put back the appliances. Oh and before that insulate and put in drywall that they tore out. They say it will take a week to 10 days.

I was sooooo sick and tired yesterday, I moved the refrigerator back into the kitchen. It was at the corner of the great room. Half way in the breakfast area and great room. It was well worth the effort.

Anyway, enough about me. We will be working on the 'shed' out at the acreage so I need to study up on that. We are putting in the sill plate (on top of the concrete blocks). Next will be the walls. I studied up on that but that was before I knew my man wanted windows. Thank goodness for the internet. Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

After all this drama I should mention that i do take time to sit and watch 'The Good Wife' on HuLu. It get my mind off everything else.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you. Please give Utah and Sierra a big hug from me


    1313 days ago
    Glad that Utah is doing better. It is tough to keep all the balls in the air. The one that always falls is taking care of yourself.
    I hope that things calm down for you.
    1316 days ago
    Great news on Utah!!! Thank you for letting us know. Keeping him and you in my prayers that you are getting the rest and sleep your body needs to stay healthy. There is way too much going on in your life right now. But you can hang in day at time or one hour at a time...whatever works for you.
    Prayers, blessings and hugs,
    1316 days ago
    Sorry to hear that you are having such sleep issues, it must be so hard when you are trying to hold down a job, plus you can't get enough rest.

    I am glad to hear that Utah is doing better though, and hopefully soon he will stop having seizures!

    I really appreciate you keeping us posted on the updates of Utah!

    Big emoticon
    1317 days ago
  • 0309COOKIE
    Glad to hear Utah is doing well. I am continuing to pray for him.
    1317 days ago
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