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I have one question

Friday, October 18, 2013

Now that the neurosurgeon said to exercise I stepped up my exercising. My question is how do you keep going when your so sore from the day before that you can barely move. I did the treadmill for 12 mins. the last two days and today I could only do 5 mins. and I haven't done anything else no cardio I just can't get moving. I feel like a truck hit me then backed up and ran over me again.I didn't really do that much yesterday I felt so energetic and worked out for 45 to 60 mins. and today I am worthless.Just wondered what you guys thought about this. Should I rest or push myself.
Lu Ann
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    I would say in your case not to push yourself to hard. Neurosurgeon sounds pretty serious. emoticon
    1489 days ago
    I think everyone has said it. Don't do too much too soon and be sure to take rest days they help in the long run. Good luck!

    1491 days ago
    I have had similar experiences. I will usually try very gentle movements on the days where everything is painful, walking, stretching, balancing. Do you work with a physical therapist? If you do, make sure to get programs both for the days you feel well and for the days you don't.

    Hope you feel better soon!
    1491 days ago
    Sorry I have not been on. Simple advice is to rest between sets. Muscle soreness occasionally is fine, but constant pain is not. God bless and take care.
    1492 days ago
    I think my words of so-called "wisdom" would be redundant - I listen to my BODY and also to my doctor - smaller more frequent often helps when starting out.
    1492 days ago
    Call doctor first(usually a phone call will do). I suggest you do smaller workouts. You may feel good one day, and not the next. Give yourself permission to rest on the days you need it....may be surprised at the results. Happy day!
    1492 days ago
    Try doing x amount of time x amount of times in a day. it doesn't have to be all at once.
    1492 days ago
    Try some chair work outs and stretching every other day. emoticon
    1493 days ago
  • GINGERRA1980
    drink plenty of water and stretch as much as you can proteins they help rebuild muscle...but trust me with the water after workout and stretching the soreness is way less. plus lack of exercising hurts the muscles at first. you can do this!!

    Ginger emoticon
    1493 days ago
    I am the wrong person to ask. I have insulin resistant muscles and no longer can I overdo anything. So, I'm sure others will step in and give you plenty of opinions.
    1493 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1493 days ago
    I used to not believe in rest days until I noticed how better my workout was after I took one
    1493 days ago
    i cook up a doz eggs and only eat the white's i find i am not so ache...
    1493 days ago
    It sounds like you tried to do to much all at once. I'm not sure you should stop, but perhaps take a day of rest. Try reducing your workout to every other day, for awhile. And on workout days you could try doing your workout in 10 minute intervals.

    It won't take you long to build up your stamina.
    1493 days ago
    Everyone here has said it, do mini workouts with plenty of rest in between. Don't forget to stretch at the end of the day. Epsom salts in a warm bath can help for sore muscles. And of course, sharp pain means STOP and call your doctor!!
    1493 days ago
    Both. Back off from the level you did yesterday, but don't just flop on the couch either. Work a bit regardless of sore muscles, but don't push too hard. Then take a few weeks to work up to the intensity and time you want to be at.

    Make sure you vary the muscle groups you're working at least every other day. If you have an intense "leg" day, the next one should focus on another area.
    1493 days ago
  • HEIDI777
    I would say call your doctor and let him know how you feel after your workout. Let him know what you are doing and how long and let him know how you feel the morning after. He would be the one that should be able to tell you if you should keep on, rest or maybe to heat or ice area after workout. I have gone thru so many surgeries...back (fusion), ankle reconstruction and now even my latest..and I think your chances of getting to a full recovery is to listen to the doctor. I hope you are feeling better and up to yourself soon!!
    1493 days ago
    I think it a good idea to start slow (five minutes only for each exercise) & add minutes to your exercise time as you feel able.

    God bless!
    1493 days ago
    Perhaps you over did on your first day and need to pull back... start small.. ten minutes is a good place to start... remember to set a pace/time that works for you!!!

    Have a great day!!!
    1493 days ago
    I also say to rest the next day after a long workout, but keep moving (like take a walk, like BEWITCHED suggests). If you push yourself too hard, you might wind up hating the exercise, which is just self-defeating. It does sound like your muscles need to recover.
    1493 days ago
    Rest in between the workouts -- I work out one day - -and rest the next day (but on my rest day I still try to take a small walk around the house or something). And when I was working out at the gym every other day I use to take one advil before starting because well -- I'm a baby :)
    1493 days ago
    Rest, rest, rest. Don't rush into exercise when you have had time off or very little. I am not sure what has happened that has caused you to have to see a neurosurgeon, but back on July 15th I was involved in a motorcycle accident and I ended up injuring my left shoulder. Anything and everything I did hurt, had to go through therapy for sometime and I am just now starting to get back to my normal schedule. Before the accident I was running three times a week in the way early morning, Zumba at least twice a week and then other activities in between if I could fit them. A few weeks before I was taken out I was riding my bike to Zumba class, which was about 5 miles each way from my home as well.

    But like I said it took me sometime to get back to where I was, in fact last week I pushed it too much at Zumba and sprained my left knee pretty bad. Back on the mend but I am better and will be getting back to class next week, but have to keep in my mind that as much as I may want to just go I have to take it slow and build back up to it.

    Best of luck, but take it easy and build up to it, take a day off inbetween.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1493 days ago
    I say work through the pain, but not too hard!
    1493 days ago
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