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Another Genova Test, Massage and a Funny

Friday, October 18, 2013

I sent another stool sample Monday to Genova: The Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Profile #2100 ( ). I understand they are changing the tests within this test and not including the parasitology starting Oct. 28th. I was in such a hurry to mail the test I sent it without the cover/box for protecting the vials! I sure hope they get it okay?! ew! The genetics counselor wanted a more recent test. I'm primarily checking dysbiosis/bacterial imbalance within the gut because I believe it and leaky gut (and low DAO enzyme) to be highly likely the culprit behind my fibromyalgia. I'll throw in that I don't methylate toxins well, ie my liver's Cytochrome P450 is off -I know this from my DNA SNPs results from 23andme - also likely due to gluten). Gluten made my gut leaky (I don't have parasites, didn't drink alcohol, nor take drugs - though I have a history of taking a bit of ibuprofen due to monthly headaches prior to my going gluten-free. Gluten-free stopped the headaches. Now I know that headaches can be a mast cell response to estrogen of which I have plenty because I'm overweight. Just "having" dysbiosis keeps it leaky (LPS or lipopolysaccharides, aka bacteria poo, increases zonulin, a protein which keeps open the tight junctions between your epethial cells). I'm still leaking after, gosh, 7 years trying to heal. I need to tighten the diet ship and work on relaxation/being happy happy happy. :) Anyway, I hope to learn more than that from the test, and expect results in about a month. My integrative GP ordered it and will suggest tx, but I also have a genetic counselor I started working with in May who'll make treatment suggestions. He said I also need to test fibrinogen and vitamin D (to also include the kidney portion or the 1,025 OHD ( ) (Oy. My computer's needing a hard drive and is so slow right now. - ha! I've worn out my mac figuring out my health, so add that to my investment of money, time, energy, blood, sweat and tears!) The Genova test is $411 out of pocket. It's covered by a lot of insurances, but not "four" I was told - and mine was one of the four. Of course.

I'm doing better adhering to my low-histamine diet again. I've lost 7 lbs since last week: 215 to 207. I can always tell when I'm doing well and right for my body because there's a sense of relaxation that comes from it; I can bend with ease, there's a lack of stiffness and inner tautness, if that makes sense. I don't slog out of bed, I kinda jump w/pep and walk gingerly to the water closet. :) I think it's the greens. Greens have magnesium. I need them daily also for my Factor V Lieden gene polymorphism (I'm heterozygous, or I have one abnormal gene from one parent.) I also take 800-1000mg of magnesium as part of my supplement protocol from the genetic counselor. This is what was working for me prior to my appt with him anyway, so I did good there. :)

Yesterday I found that pomegranates are in season, and omg, I bought 4 for $2ea and ate 3! SOOOOO HAPPY! I ate that a .5 lbs of grass fed beef and 1 lb veal, and a cup of butternut squash w/chia seeds. I gained 2 lbs. It's likely because I didn't have enough pre/probiotic/good bacteria (that's how I look at food now: "Will this feed my good bacteria?") and/or fiber - soluble fiber, people - and too much sugar/carbs (nope, it couldn't be carbs as I got about 102g which is fair for me). I walked 2.5 miles and got good rest even without my CPAP which I took in for repair but it didn't need repair, so it still sits in my vehicle. I remember it when I'm getting into bed, and I'm not in love with it, so I say I'll get it tomorrow. *whistles Dixie* Anyway, incomplete and run-on sentences and I don't care. :P

My back's been sore and that's a new one on me. I've never ever had back problems. I've had sciatic in my upper honch for three weeks and I decided to seek out a massage to see if it'd help. This is iffy territory for someone with histamine (likely mast cell) disorder/fibromyalgia because pain and inflammation is already heightened. I tried it anyway. She used an almond/pecan oil I tolerated well (having multiple chemical sensitivity I was concerned of "lemon" or "lavendar" scented oils or something). I've never gotten naked in front of anyone like that before, but she gave me my dignity by having a towel over me and exposing only what she was working on. You can elect to work on areas over another and I chose to not work on my stomach or chest. She worked over my honch pretty good and it felt good. A couple of hours later it didn't feel so good at all. :( By the time I went to bed, it was okay. And I slept well and didn't wake up in pain or anything. $75 for an hour. The masseuse was wonderful, and also does acupuncture which I'm interested in. I don't know if I'd do a massage again ... I would like to take up yoga, but that'll be for after I move.

I've found I do well eating like a diabetic, ie many small meals a day, for low-histamine. It's easier for what little body DAO enzyme I have to process bits of histamine vs 3 meals a day. I kinda feel tethered to the kitchen, and sometimes I have to take the kitchen in my purse (green apple at least, and recently a previously steamed leftover artichoke while on an airplane -- who me? peanuts or pretzels? phtt!).

(That's an artichoke selfie, not a Dotslady selfie - lol)

Got new carpet installed upstairs and it's a new universe up there. It feels good. My closet's a tornado disaster and is next on my list of things to do.

Here's a funny 5-minute comic relief video re: diets/going gluten-free:

Everybody needs a laugh. :D
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    So glad to have found you again! How did the tests come out? Did you get answers? Are you feeling better? I hope so!
    1363 days ago
  • -SHAWN-
    FDA has shut down the 100 dollar DNA testing:




    1431 days ago
    love the artichoke on the plane thing. Would like to hear more about getting these tests and low histamine diet. I will try to do some research. My gut is a mess!
    1499 days ago
    LOVE the artichoke selfie! Good luck as you continue on this quest for health.
    1501 days ago
    emoticon emoticon on the weight loss!
    1511 days ago
    I'm wondering what tests my doctor will order when I finally have insurance again . LOL. I find that when I do have tests they discover I have something they can do nothing about, like the constant PVCs. I guess when I do get insurance I need to find out exactly what is covered because, like you, my body is not typical and problems usually aren't either.

    Massage really helps me as well. My husband is really good at it. Thank God as I don't want to spring for one. A friend of mine I worked with is head of the massage therapy school at the local college and he has told me he would give me a discount so I may try it sometime.

    I am also interested in acupuncture as aI have a friend who has fantastic results with it. I wonder if we even have anyone here who does it.

    Well, I hope you are done playing in dookie for a while. It's really not fun. LOL.

    1512 days ago
  • KITT52
    have a healthy week end
    1515 days ago
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