One step at a time. Singing! I am blessed!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sometimes my body refuses to obey me.
Walking is not always easy.
Hubby wanted to help me,
He is a joyful friend, and helpmate.
We are celebrating over 40 years of marriage,
of life together as being best friends
and sweet hearts.
Yes, of course when Hubby sees me struggle,
He wants to help me.
by bring the Truck to get me home.
I said no I want to finish the walk.
One step at a time.
One minute at a time.
Watch the birds,
Seeing the sunsets.
Listening to the children playing.
singing and rejoicing.
Being a blessing to all that i can.
My steps are lighter when i am singing or praying.
Worshiping my Lord is such a joy.
He my comfort and help.
I feel as light as a bird in flight.
Jesus loves me.
I have a home in heaven.
My life and family are a gift i will enjoy it every minute.
I am blessed!
If you drove by Hope you would stop and visit,
Hubby and i sitting on the porch sipping
our coffee and talking, laughing, or praying together.
It is a good day. Hope yours is also.
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