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Weather got in the way

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I had plans to go kayaking this evening, but it started raining. In the middle of the summer this would not have stopped us, but with water and air temperatures being so low we decided to forgo the fun tonight and go sometime next week. So instead I went for a short run. I need to be more consistent about running, because today's 1.5 mile route was a struggle. Not good. I haven't checked the forecast for tomorrow, but I hope the rain moves past us overnight.

Friday's are my main housework day, so cleaning is on the schedule tomorrow. I hate housework, but I know it has to be done. I know I need to vacuum. It doesn't look bad, but I am betting it needs it.

I have a doctor's appointment coming up in a week or so. He is going to want to discuss my cholesterol again. It has been going down every time I have gotten it tested, but he still pushes me to take meds. I say that if it is continuing to go down then the meds are unnecessary. My levels aren't even that high anymore. Grrr... pushy doctors. Wonder how much he gets from the drug company if I start taking the stupid medicine? (I know...paranoia is bad, but I can't think of any other reason he would push that hard.)
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    I say that if your numbers are going down without the meds, then you don't need them. Your numbers were probably only high because you were overweight and now they are adjusting because you've lost the weight.
    1514 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Never let a Dr. push you into something you don't want, especially if its not even necessary!! If you get tested regularly enough it should be caught if not taking them causes any problem.
    Sorry about the rain derailing your kayak time, but good on you getting a run in as an alternative!
    Keep up the great work!
    1518 days ago
    I am resistant to meds also. Why take them if you can manage with your diet? It is amazing how when we don't run (or bike) for a little while, the body reminds us, eh?!? emoticon
    1518 days ago
    Sounds like it is time to look for another doctor. Good luck!
    1518 days ago
    Sounds like it might be time to shop for a new doctor!
    1518 days ago
    Statins can be useful in controlling your LDL numbers. If you total cholesterol is coning down but your LDL is still high that may be the reason. Statins are also used if you have inflamation. I would try and find out WHY he wants you to take meds.
    1518 days ago
    Maybe you can try some foods or herbs that are high in saponins. I have a wild edible in my backyard that is high is saponins. The saponins reduce your cholesterol naturally.
    1518 days ago
    I agree with you about the meds. I am lucky that I have never been on any long term meds, but if your numbers are going down, you should not need them either. Have a good weekend!
    1518 days ago
    I hope you have a great run today. Best of luck with the doc - they are all PIA's.
    1518 days ago
    I know you wanted to kayak again yesterday - sorry the weather turned sour for it. I told my doc I didn't want to take the statins for cholesterol. As others have said, just stand your ground. You have turned your life around into a healthy person, and he needs to respect that. I told my doc it made my muscles ache (it might have been cooincidence, but my arms did hurt some) - that was enough that she quit bugging me about the statins
    1519 days ago
    HI Chandra,,, I know my #'s and have asked to COME OFF the chol med. I feel that now that I DO NOT eat at Mc D's etc,,,, almost daily (Maybe now once every 6 months,,, than it's a cheese burger !) that they weren't needed,,, well than I got my report. my fam tends to run high. I am NO exception. I am SO GLAD I have the #'s,,,, for without it,,, I would NOT take these !!! I ALSO wondah if the Dr's get a PADDING For meds,, for they surah are ANXIOUS to GIVE THEM OUT !! I know,,, I am on 11 of them. Evah try to tell a shrink you do NOT want THEIR Meds??? It's enough to put them into a HEART ATTACK !! Which can be FUN ! HAHAHAHA !!!! I had one who did NOT carah about ME AT ALL, but WANTED me to take meds,,,which DID THEM DAMAGE so that I Now need to lose weight,,, b4 meds and steroids,,, I was at 115lbs,,, and I was 38. GRRR I WISH I had put it together !!! I WOULD NOT OF TAKEN THEM !

    I hope the weather clears up hon.
    1519 days ago
    Too bad you got rained out. I take meds for cholestrol and I heard some doctors take it when they turn 40 just because. I don't even know what my numbers are.... should ask.
    1519 days ago
    I know you'll do it. I heard you on Spark Radio, btw, you were great!
    1519 days ago
    Doctors, grr....if your numbers are good, and you are committed to a healthy lifestyle and eating regime (he would have to be blind to not admit that you are motivated there) barring any MAJOR health risk factor or trend in your labs that show your cholesterol rising (tell him 3 consecutive screenings that show continued rise in levels and you will consider his advice to take meds) STAND YOUR GROUND. There is no reason for you to take medication just to pad his wallet

    sorry, I`ll come off my soapbox now, keep up the good work
    1519 days ago
    Luv the rain.
    1519 days ago
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