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Wonderful Mantras

Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Happiness is equilibrium. Shift your weight." Tom Stoppard

I'm participating in Renee Stephens online Fulfilled Course (for the third time and I will do it again for the next round). www.insideoutweightloss.

I find it to be a new experience each time I participate and like the Awakening Joy course , I always learn something new and connect with new people and ideas.

It is the final week of the six week course and there are many wonderful lessons and tools to use. One great idea that I somehow don't remember from the other two times I participated is to use the following mantras:

I'm listing them here because I think each one is so powerful.

1. I love feeling good in my body over time. The idea that choosing foods, behaviors and a lifestyle that makes us feel good in our bodies is so obvious, but at the same time revolutionary. I've been a binge eater for many years, and the idea that if I stop and ask how a food will feel over time, and realize that too much of a food or a certain kind of food will only feel good for a second in my mouth, but that later I'll be miserable, is a great way to make better, more pleasurable choices. My very wise and popular friend here on Spark, Tinajane76, suggested I put a post it on my fridge in which I ask myself, "Will this make me feel better now?" "Will this make me feel better tomorrow?" Great questions!

2. My body and my mind work together. This is just so true! Today I listened to Day 3 of the Deepak Choprah Meditation Series: Perfect Health. Today's centering thought was "My mind and body are in perfect sync." I work with an amazing therapist and life coach, Amy Johnson , and today she reminded me that "emotion is absolutely nothing more than thought in action. You're always and only feeling your thinking, so feelings are simply feedback about the contents of your mind." When I remember this, and I choose to focus on positive thoughts, my body feels better! In fact, I'm reading "Hardwiring Happiness" by Rick Hanson, and the big message of the book is that when you have a positive experience, if you allow yourself to hold onto it and feel it in the body, you will begin to change your level of happiness overall. It really works! My daughter and I have been trying it!

3. Slip-ups are my keys to success. Renee always says, "There is no failure, only feedback." And again, when I remember this, it's so true. When I make a mistake, my tendency was to beat myself up. But this never helps. When I instead reflect on what I can learn from the mistake, and think about how to do it differently next time, I immediately feel better. And when next time comes, more often than not, I do it the better way.

4. I have a number of empowering beliefs that are helping me change my behavior overtime. Well getting back to all the brain work from Amy Johnson and Rick Hanson, what I'm learning is that as we focus on more positive thoughts, and we feel better, we make better, more skillful choices for life. And this includes how we eat! Further, the more often we make these better choices and feel good about it, the more we reinforce that better habit!

5. I am worthy of feeling great in my body. I am! We all are! What a gift to give myself, but not only myself. When I feel great in my body, I am a better mother, friend, colleague, neighbor and person in general!

6. I am persistent. I am patient. I am practicing. The other day this dawned on me. I've had a very bumpy year, but I keep picking myself up and getting back in the game. I'm consistent with exercise because I love it, I love to eat well. Yes, I've had slip ups and I've overeaten, but I keep trying and I'm patient. This is way of living forever, so really there is no rush. Every day I come back to the same good habits.

"It began in mystery and it will end in mystery, but what a savage and beautiful country lies in between." Diane Ackerman

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

WATERMELLEN 10/29/2013 8:57PM

    What a great blog! I appreciate hearing about the wonderful resources you've used and continue to use.

We cannot choose what happens to us. We can choose what to think about it. And what we choose to think affects how we feel and how our bodies feel.

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LCERVERA 10/24/2013 10:49AM

    So great! I read on another sparker's page today that she has this posted on her pantry: What you are looking for is not in here! It's true! emoticon

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GOODGETNBETR 10/20/2013 11:11PM

    Great quote. emoticon
emoticon on the 5% challenge but as a role model you're already a winner.

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TINAJANE76 10/20/2013 5:27PM

    Great mantras we can all live by, Julie!

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IAMAGEMLOVER 10/20/2013 1:03PM

    emoticon for sharing this.

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SWEETNEEY 10/19/2013 8:43AM

    Gotta check this out.

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ALEXSGIRL1 10/18/2013 8:11PM

    lovely blog I did learn a lot thank you so much I love your mantras

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GINIEMIE 10/18/2013 7:47PM

    Thanks for sharing. I've come to realize that reflecting does help one more than castigating one'self.
Keep up the good work.
emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SPARKLINGME176 10/18/2013 7:19PM

    Yes! Thanks for sharing!

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MNABOY 10/18/2013 4:10PM

    Thanks for sharing

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KRISZTA11 10/18/2013 3:46PM

    Thank you for sharing these mantras!
I admire how you constantly research and practice new ways to find joy and balance.

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NEWCHINELO 10/18/2013 3:33PM


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MILLISMA 10/18/2013 3:12PM

    Very inspirational and has given me a lot to think about. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.


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    A lot to digest. Thanks for sharing.

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DAYSPRING-STAR 10/18/2013 10:05AM

    Once again you gifted me with inspiration and hope! My job is to apply it in the choices and actions in my daily life. If I might borrow one of your mantras... "I am practicing."

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GLORIAMAJDI 10/18/2013 8:52AM

    As always, you have given us a thought provoking blog. You have so much courage and wisdom! Thank you!

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GINGER_BEAR 10/18/2013 8:37AM

    Wonderful, insightful blog. Thank you for sharing this information.

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KANOE10 10/18/2013 6:48AM

    I like slips ups are the key to success. Learning and improving from your mistakes is so important. You are doing a great job of learning about yourself as well as taking care of yourself.

That was a great blog. Thanks for sharing.


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PHOENIX1949 10/18/2013 4:32AM

    3. is my favorite!
emoticon emoticon

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SETTIMIA 10/18/2013 1:29AM


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SUEPERWOMAN 10/17/2013 10:14PM


Lovely blog, FULL of wisdom! Follow what makes you feel good, and healthy.

Love, Ginger

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KAYTIE22 10/17/2013 10:13PM

    Wonderful. Your blog was something I really needed to read right now. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us.

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WORKNPROGRESS49 10/17/2013 10:02PM

    emoticon emoticon for sharing!!! emoticon

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ONEKIDSMOM 10/17/2013 9:58PM

    I am in awe at how well you are doing. Your plate has been OVERFLOWING this year, and yet, look at all the wisdom in this blog entry. I must confess that some of the most outwardly "bad" things in my life experience were the times of great spiritual growth, feeling closer to God... clearly you have a faith that is holding you up.

Hugs, well said... and blessings! emoticon

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_RAEVEN_ 10/17/2013 9:50PM

    Great blog post. Thanks for sharing the links emoticon

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MARILYNROBERT 10/17/2013 9:50PM

    Glad you've had this productive tool to help you through this year. Even during the hard times, you've grown and gotten better. emoticon

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AJB121299 10/17/2013 9:41PM


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