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Our journey to better health is not something you need a rocket scientist to figure out.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I have been thinking a lot lately...about life in general and why we do the things we do. What makes some succeed while others just plod along slowly? why do we go so good one minute and then slip the next? Are we making it too hard?

You know I think sometimes we overanalyze things. Our journey to better health is not something we need a rocket scientist to figure out. It should be personal and a learning experience but it should not stress us out or make us go bonkers.

1. Make a plan and experiment to see if it the one for you. It is your plan.
2. You have to do the work. We don't have a fairy godmother. Allthough I do believe the world is full of magic and miracle, you have to do the work.
3. Believe in yourself! sometimes I let that slip and have all kinds of trouble so it is important.
4. Forgive yourself if you make a mistake and don't make it some kind of mountain that you have to climb but shave it down to a mole hill so you can get over it.

It should not confuse us as if we had 3 or more people in our heads telling us what to do.

It is your choice and your life. Learn, be creative, make it fun but do it your way. Your team should be supportive and even challenging but I have come to the conclusion that you should be a part of that challenge not a participant. I am going to have members of my team each take a day to do the challenge. It is fun to know that you might be helping yourself but also someone else. Every one has new ideas they would like to share. Not every member would like to do this, some want to have a set course to follow but there are a lot who think, I could do that but I would do it this way. I want to be a part of a team that is a part of the team.

As far as the journey, don't stress out. Take it day by day and do what you can. that does not mean become lazy and lounge around lOL. You still have to move and watch those portions, but you nee to figure out your plan. It has to be customized to fit your taste and your budget. Have fun while doing it . don't make it a chore. If you don't like exercise videos, then dance, garden, walk, anything that gets you moving.

Watch your portion size and don't bring in those trigger foods but if you can handle a certain treat without making it a whole bag, box, or meal, then do it. You know what you are capable of. You know yourself better than anyone else.

Having the support of a team is awesome. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten ideas and new ways of doing things from my team mates. I can't tell you how many special, intriquing people I have met and shared stories with. It is fun and relaxing. that brings us to getting confused by trying not to let the team down in challenges. I think what you should be asking is are you letting yourself down? Are you giving up because you don't think you can do this? Do you feel too stupid and don't want to ask questions? there is no question that is stupid and you should not be afraid to ask it. that is how we learn.

I am a co-leader on 3 very different teams. In the past maybe I felt like one of the head honchos LOL but I don't want it to be that way. I want all of us to blend together and make these teams help each other. I want everyone to feel they are a part of the success of these teams.

I am a miracle but so are you and together we can help each other to make this journey fun, and enlightening. We can grow and succeed without the judgement of those who are moving slower or don't have the ability to do what others can.

You are welcome on all 3.
The miracle that you are and you can succeed.

You are a miracle. A one of a kind, special person. No matter your age, religion,lifestyle, or sex , no judgement, everyone is welcome here.
racle that you are and you can succeed

the 55+ladies team

We are women aged 55 + here to share/discuss ideas on ways to lose extra weight, add exercise, and not only maintain -- but enhance -- our healthy lifestyles...while having fun along the way!

the lightworkers team

This is for people who want to send light and love to the earth and all its inhabitants. It is for angel card readers, psychics, healerse, those who feel called to help others.

I would love you to be a part of my journey on any of these teams. Come in and look around. If you like what you see, join in.

Whatever you do not let anyone say you can't do it. You can!
Will you slip up...heck Yeah, but you can get right back up and keep on going.
Are you perfect? not be a long shot but neither am I. Perfect is boring and just not natural.
Will joining a team end all your struggles? No but we can be there to support you when you fall.
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