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Cute Kitten + Marmalade + Irish Girl + 12-16kg Kettlebell

Thursday, October 17, 2013

...And madness ensues.

So, I found a beginners kettle-bell routine. Yes, it's 45 minutes, 15-20 minutes of strength exercises and 20-25 minutes of ballistics. Yes, on the video she's using a 16 kg kettlebell for the overwhelming majority of the exercises (*).

And, yes, it's my goal for the end of next year.

I'm taking it 1 minute or 1 exercise per week. I'm starting each exercise with the kettle-bell that I can bang out 15 reps with or do the full 45 seconds on. I started with just the halos at 8 kg. The next week I added 12kg 2-hand swing. I'm now at those and 12kg goblet squats and 12 kg single arm bent rows.

During the week I will use larger bells with lower reps to build strength. I try to take the exercises that I tend to enjoy and do them more to make them an easier part of the workout (so I can focus on the others).

Every Saturday I will do the previous Saturday's exercises with 1 extra exercise/set. My exercises during the week will be lead-ups to it.

When I hit 195, I will post that workout (and weights) and my bodyfat percentage in lieu of my weigh-in blogs. I am so mentally done with the scale at this point.

I have three levels to strive for. They are based on the weights of the Halos and other exercises as she did them. By the end of next year, I plan to do the full workout at one of three levels:

Bronze: 08KG Halos - 12KG All others
Silver: 10KG Halos - 14KG All others
Gold: 12KG Halos - 16KG All others (As in the video)

As I add exercises I will focus on the bronze weights until they become too easy and then up them.

Wish me good fortune!

- TD Out!

(*) I've done other workouts by her last time I was at this weight range. She always makes it clear that one should add or subtract pounds or interval times as necessary.
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