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Losing Weight and Stepping Out

Thursday, October 17, 2013

On Dr Phil last week, he featured a woman who lost 100 pounds and then separated from her husband who was still over-weight. Dr. Phil commented that she was kinda like someone who had just gotten a shiny new car and wanted to show it off and take everyone for a ride. The audience gasped and laughed in understanding.

My Johnny's first wife of 12 years had a similar change in her lifestyle. She, too, lost a bunch of weight and then cheated on him. The marriage fell apart.

I've lost 30 pounds over the past year - but leaving my sweetheart is the last thing on my mind.

Our love life just keeps getting better.

Granted, 30 pounds is far from the drastic change of 100 pounds, but my body image and self esteem has dramatically improved. I'm feeling SO MUCH better about my body and about myself. I'm loving how I'm wearing much smaller clothes and they fit so much more comfortably. I'm loving how I look in the mirror. I'm able to walk so much easier and bending down to pick something off the floor is now no trouble at all.

Making love is now so much more wonderful because I feel great about how I look in sexy lingerie. I'm no longer self-conscious about my "tummy" and "big butt". I feel terrific in my new skin and enjoy sharing my body with my lover.

Sure I feel good walking down the street and getting a whistle from a passing car, but that's as far as I would let it go. I'm not going to start hanging out in the bars and talking to strangers.

My sweetheart was quite worried when I first joined SparkPeople a year ago and announced I was going to lose weight because of his previous experience. But I reassured him that I was going to lose weight and get healthier for my own self-esteem and to please him. I've continued to remain a loving, good companion to him and now, I think, he has relaxed and we just fall in love over and over again every day.

I have no plans on "stepping out". I'm proud of my new body but other men just get to "look" and "not touch". lol. I love Johnny. And now I'm going to live healthier and longer to spend more time with him.
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