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Beck Diet Solution Day 20: GET BACK ON TRACK

Thursday, October 17, 2013

This is a powerful day! This day is about putting the brakes on a fall downhill and returning to the climb in the direction I want to go instead of turning a few calories and a few minutes into feelings of despair and days or weeks or months of poor choices.

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It's pretty simple, really. Dr. Beck says to take these steps:

~Acknowledge your slip
~Recommit yourself to your plan
~Draw a symbolic line

She's got a great diagram that looks like a seven layer cake that clearly illustrates the difference between a large piece of frosted cake and turning that into a cascade of bad food choices that add up to pounds. I find tracking everything, the skill from Day 15, to be very useful this way. It shows me clearly that the unplanned handful of nuts is only a hundred calories and can be made up in the day. Whereas turning it into an unplanned handful of nuts and a large pizza is a little more difficult. But wait, there's more...

~ Give yourself credit for stopping
~Watch out for feelings of failure and helplessness
~ Continue to eat normally
~ Learn from your mistake

I wrote these steps out on an index card titled "Starting Over Steps" although it wasn't suggested.

I've been slipping on the giving myself credit skill and now I see why it's so important. It's like keeping your ice axe sharp to help you prevent falls from becoming LONG falls. Not giving myself credit snowballs into those feelings of failure and helplessness.

Learning from the mistakes changes them from moral failures to a process of scientific investigation, learning as I go. Hopeful, not hopeless! I had a couple little slips with popcorn at the movie. Hubby gets a trough of the stuff AND a large packet of candy. First time I turned a taste into a couple big handful and some Milk Duds and a piece of the pie he bought on our way home from the movie. emoticon The second time I brought some soybeans to snack on but lost my resolve and ate two handfuls of popcorn. But I stopped and went through the steps. What I learned it that right now it is just too hard for me to sit next to a large tub of buttered popcorn in a movie. I told him I didn't see this happening forever but for right now I really don't want to eat movie popcorn and can't seem to control myself so would he be willing to share baby carrots instead. He said he wants to support our locale theatre so we agreed he'd buy treats when we leave the movie. We'll renegotiate down the line.

For my Get Back on Track index file card I wrote something shorter than the suggested paragraph. I wrote

...and you will be so glad you did.

My commitment card reads

When I make a mistake and eat something I'm not supposed to eat I'm going to read my Starting Over Steps card.

...and maybe I'll hum the John Lennon song (Just Like) Starting Over. Gotta feel positive remembering that song.

And the promise for this skill?


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sorry I missed this great blog until today! So glad you are back on Beck as well as on track. Can't wait to read your next one.

    I really like your cards. Having those Starting Over steps written out like that is a great idea!! I'm pretty good at starting over, but the extra reinforcement won't hurt! Good going.
    1573 days ago
    What a fantastic journey you are exploring! I just love to hear your commitment and your determination. emoticon
    1587 days ago
  • KO1215
    You can do it!!!
    1594 days ago
    I had to leave the kitchen yesterday morning when DH started in on his bacon and eggs (I don't eat bacon, too much sympathy for pigs: but it smells irresistibly good). And I had to leave the kitchen this morning when he began making his scrambled eggs with grated sharp cheese and buttered toast. He didn't realize why I was leaving, and called up the stairs to see if I wanted a little. I did, I did. But . . . declined. Graciously. Grrrrrrr.
    1596 days ago
    Great word for thought. We all have mistakes but they don't have to be failures.
    1605 days ago
  • MAIM138
    Oh gosh, I know exactly how you feel about popcorn. Getting a big tub of popcorn was always at least half the appeal of going to the movies for me. I haven't been in months -- if I can't have popcorn, I can wait for the DVD. Ha.
    1607 days ago
    I love the Beck books. Their ideas change one's thinking. emoticon
    1607 days ago
    Must get that book for my kindle! You are really working the program. I especially like the thought about drawing an imaginary to implement!

    Good weekend and see you on the island!

    1612 days ago
    Another great job, Jess! You really get Beck. So glad you are back on the Beck adventure. Great example with the movie popcorn. You are making real progress. I like the negotiation, too. Good Going!

    Of all the lessons Beck teaches, this may be the most important for long term success with weight management. Seems like this is a lesson I had to learn over and over again and still have to work on from time to time.

    It's never too late to start your day over = brilliant!! I'm going to remember that one!!
    1613 days ago
    Yes, yes, and YES!!!!! I struggle with this so much, despite my head telling me that it doesn't make sense....bad food choices are a slippery slope for me!!!
    1613 days ago
    I really like how you are putting so much effort into the Beck plan. It's clearly paying off.
    1613 days ago
    I love the idea of a starting over card - that is emoticon . We all need reminders and how cool to get one from yourself! I think I'm gonna half to try that one!
    1613 days ago
    "IT'S NEVER TO LATE TO START YOUR DAY OVER" nor is it ever to late to remember that every day is a emoticon - a day to 'get it right', a emoticon

    Here's to living our days, to remembering that Life is GOOD!

    You rock my emoticon
    I know emoticon
    1614 days ago
    Good for you for recommitting!!!

    I understand the issue with popcorn, I pop mine at home (single serve) and take it in. This way I eat my popcorn, know exactly how many calories I ate and feel satisfied.

    I am all for supporting our local theater too but last time I bought 1 bottle of water it was $8. emoticon It was insane!!

    You have to go with what works for you though, emoticon
    1614 days ago
    emoticon for turning it around. Perhaps you could work the popcorn into your plan next time by adjusting your meals during that day? It seems a bit hard to not eat it at all.
    1614 days ago
  • BRADMILL2922
    Good for you Jess! I like that "It is never to late to start the day over". So true! I am glad you recognized whats going on and took steps to fix it. I like the humming of John Lennon also...can't go wrong there :)
    1614 days ago
    1614 days ago
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