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on being called chubs

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My first blog in a few months. I find I have to write about an event that took place yesterday. It left me feeling angry and bitter, and I'm mad at myself for not being able to let it go.

So, basically, I park my car in the garage across from where I work. I'm there early, so there's an abundance of spots available. A guy pulls up just as I am getting out of my car. He has an option to pull into the spot right next to mine (although he'd have to wait a few moments for me to close my door) or pull into one of two spots literally right across the aisle, where he could pull right in without any wait. As I'm getting out of my car, I see him stop, look at the two spots across the way, then look at me. He then starts to turn his car towards me and honks. I close the car door, then plaster myself against my car as I wait for him so that I can open the back car door to get my lunch out of the back seat. He then honks at me again. I wave for him to pull in. He does, then gets out of his car and says, "I didn't want to hit you chubs."

This irks me so much. If he didn't want to hit me, why didn't he pull into the other spots? He had to have seen them with the way he stopped his car and took his time looking. And how is it appropriate calling a stranger chubs? I'm not denying I'm fat, but it bothers me that he went out of his way to be mean. I don't know why this bothers me so much too - normally I think it's hilarious if someone does something like that because I believe that they just see a fat person who they think is lazy and eats horrible junk food, all while I eat healthily and I exercise (heck, I take my dogs for 4-6 mile hikes, climbing up and down sand dunes and walking on sand beaches at Indiana Dunes State Park at least every other weekend).

I have to say, I feel a lot better having vented about this. And I appreciate the support I get from my fellow Sparkers. Writing this, too, made me realize I am probably a much healthier person than what that man is. Although I may be fat, I am taking the right steps to take care of myself. I eat healthy, I exercise, I try to take steps to make myself better emotionally. I wonder what's wrong with him that he has to bully someone he views as being inferior?
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    It's not you, he's rude.

    I use to keep giant gold stars in my car, and give him one and tell him to have a good day.
    1112 days ago
    emoticon with all the above comments! emoticon
    I am glad you were feeling better after you journalized your thoughts and feelings here.
    I find that Choosing to not allow people like this... space in my thoughts and feelings, helps me to overcome it he probably didn't have a 2nd thought...that is just probably normal behavior for him...the one it affects is US! So don't let him allow to have that time and energy and hurt. As long as you allow it, he reigns and you need to be the reigning Queen...and that you surely are. My gosh, emoticon you are doing emoticon with your healthy eating, exercising and working on the emotional part of self! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon You are an inspiration and motivation for me!

    1584 days ago
    1585 days ago
    That guy was rude!! emoticon
    1586 days ago
    I'd have seriously considered keying his car. I wouldn't have, of course, because it's petty and illegal, but I'd have considered it.

    You have a right to be angry, I'd have been too. He's a jerk.
    1586 days ago
    I'd have seriously considered keying his car. I wouldn't have, of course, because it's petty and illegal, but I'd have considered it.

    You have a right to be angry, I'd have been too. He's a jerk.
    1586 days ago
    What a horribly disgusting person. It bothers me that people have to go out of their way to bring others down. Its something I definitely don't understand. I mean, what happened in this d-bag's life that he felt it was necessary to say something so unkind?

    People don't THINK.
    1586 days ago
  • BTRX71
    What a jerk! He went out of his way to try and ruin your day by assaulting your self esteem. Obviously his problems include never maturing beyond teenage bully. emoticon
    1587 days ago
    What a d-bag. I'm so sorry you had to encounter a jerk adolescent wearing an adult's clothes. I don't know what makes him think he has the right to comment on anyone else's physical self, but you are a far better woman than I am. I might have said something really ugly back at him. Or cried, there's no telling with me sometimes. He should be lucky you didn't kick is car door. " I'm sorry, I guess my foot is so CHUBBY I just couldn't get it all the way between our two cars." Ugh, what a jerk! I hope the rest of your day was better!
    1587 days ago
    we allow others to take over our minds and give them rights that they don't have rights to claim . You let him get your mind working overtime . He had no right to say what he said . crude and rude . He thought it so he thought he had the right to spout it out and in the process ruined your day . He was a jerk . plain and simple . we could look at it like . well he didn't want to hit me with his car but I allowed him to hit me where I lived and it hurt worse then if he had run over my body with his car .
    1587 days ago
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