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Boss's Day

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Boss's Day

Date when celebrated: Always on October 16th

Now here is a day that gives you a chance to both tell and show the boss what you really think of him or her. And, it is an opportunity to give your boss the appreciation that he or she truely deserves. So go right ahead and give it to him.....give it to him good! After all, it only comes around once a year.

What Makes a Good Boss?
Here are some attributes people say make for the best boss:

A good communicator


The origin of Bosses Day dates back to 1958. Patricia Bays Haroski, an employee at State Farm Insurance Company in Illinois, registered it with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Haroski chose the date because it was her father's birthday. Who was her boss? ....her father.

More Information:

About National Bosses Day

This Day in History October 16th

Jadwiga is crowned King of Poland, although she is a woman. (1384)

Royalton, Vermont and Tunbridge, Vermont are the last major raids of the American Revolutionary War. (1780)

George Washington captures Yorktown, Virginia after the Siege of Yorktown. (1781)

Marie Antoinette, widow of Louis XVI, is guillotined at the height of the French Revolution. (1793)

Much of the ancient structure of the Palace of Westminster in London burns to the ground. (1834)

Queen's University is founded in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. (1841)

Sir William Rowan Hamilton comes up with the idea of quaternions, a non-commutative extension of complex numbers. (1843)

William T. G. Morton first demonstrated ether anesthesia at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the Ether Dome. (1846)

John Brown leads a raid on Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. (1859)

Girton College, Cambridge is founded, becoming England's first residential college for women. (1869)

Brigham Young University is founded in Provo, Utah. (1875)

The Nickel Plate Railroad opens for business. (1882)

In Brooklyn, New York, Margaret Sanger opens the first family planning clinic in the United States. (1916)

The Walt Disney Company is founded by Walt Disney and his brother, Roy Disney. (1923)

World War II: First attack on British territory by the German Luftwaffe. (1939)

Holocaust: The Warsaw Ghetto is established. (1940)

Wally Walrus, Woody Woodpecker's first steady foil, was debuted at the The Beach Nut, a Walter Lantz's cartoon. (1944)

The Food and Agriculture Organization is founded in Quebec City, Canada. (1945)

Nuremberg Trials: Execution of the convicted Nazi leaders of the Main Trial. (1946)

The Cuban missile crisis between the United States, Cuba, and the Soviet Union begins when US President John F. Kennedy is shown photographs of missile sites in Cuba. (1962)

China detonates its first nuclear weapon. (1964)

United States athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos are kicked off the US team for participating in the 1968 Olympics Black Power salute. (1968)

Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. (1973)

The Balibo Five, a group of Australian television journalists based in the town of Balibo in the then Portuguese Timor (now East Timor), are killed by Indonesian troops. (1975)

Rahima Banu, a two-year old girl from the village of Kuralia in Bangladesh, is the last known person to be infected with naturally occurring smallpox. (1975)

Karol Wojtyla is elected Pope John Paul II after the October 1978 Papal conclave, the first non-Italian pontiff since 1523. (1978)

Desmond Tutu is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. (1984)

Luby's massacre: George Hennard runs amok in Killeen, Texas, killing 23 and wounding 20 in Luby's Cafeteria. (1991)

The Million Man March occurs in Washington, D.C. (1995)

Hawaii earthquake: A magnitude 6.7 earthquake rocks Hawaii, causing property damage, injuries, landslides, power outages, and the closure of Honolulu International Airport. (2006)

The extrasolar planet Alpha Centauri Bb is discovered. (2012)
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