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For Day Ending 10/15 (Tue) - Sleep Diary

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What time did you wake up today? 9:15 am

What time are you lying down to go to sleep? 1:00 am

What, if any, was your bedtime routine? - Pills, moisturize, read

What were the last food(s) you consumed tonight? Dinner - 9:30 pm - It consisted of Chinese take out that we like (its cheap) Lemon Chicken *Yummy*, decent Chicken Chow Mein and Garlic Chicken. Garlic chicken wasn't spicy enough :(. Topped it off with 5 Girl Scout shortbread cookies.

Did you exercise today? Yoga and walking (* and got Dan to work with me today on learning Yoga)

Did you consume any alcoholic beverages today? No

Did you consume any caffeinated drinks or foods today? 1 Cup of coffee - Morning

Did you take any medications (prescription and/or over-the-counter) today? (Standard routine - Yes)

Did you take any naps today? No (I SO wanted to at 4 pm)

What types of stressors did you encounter today, and what types do you expect to encounter tomorrow? - Actually kept my head on today, got a lot done on four designs, and put a lot of the backlog of un-inventoried new beads away. Tomorrow - Going to a friends house for a few hours to do scrapbooking... should be interesting - given its my first time.

How hungry did you feel today? Was great until 8pm

How awake did you feel today? 4

How irritable did you feel today? only snapped twice... which is really good


How long did it take you to fall asleep last night? - 30 minutes - but then was awaken an hour later because Husband still was reading (It was 2:30 am)

How many times did you wake up during the night? - 3 (not sure if waking up and dozing from 7:45 to 9:15 counts as waking up or not

In total, how many hours did you sleep last night? - 7 but I woke up at 9:20 after just dozing for almost 2 hours

Energy Level - 3

Stress Level - LOW - actually feel really good.

Quality of Sleep - Moderate. No nightmares and stayed most of the night under the covers.

Self-Esteem - Reflective today. I'm not depressed, not frustrated, feel good actually. Doing mentally sound today. And I actually feel restful/calm. (Plus I really like Vanilla Almond Milk - this is quite tasty - eating breakfast and typing)

Adding a New section ---- Tracking lingering thoughts and added to the dinner part - what did I eat--

I've noticed that I think I need to start tracking what my lingering thoughts or ideas or whatever is on my mind before I go to bed. I think there is something here that manifests itself into my dreams and may be part of the triggers for the nightmares.
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