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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I just have to vent. I witnessed something disturbing and disappointing from people I have known most of my life and thought I knew better. Everybody who knows me knows I average about 10-minutes a month on facebook - if that. But the past month, I have been making an effort to reach out and be more sociable with my friends and family. Anyway ... I was on the page of a dear old friend who had shared and commented on a video that is going around, I guess. I watched this video and it was of a very large woman, moving around in her livingroom, clearly with the purpose to do something about her weight. Her face was set, determined, and focused (it also looked as if she might have some trauma-related retardation). She did a little dancing, and got on the floor and did some calisthenics. I felt she was to be commended for her efforts, and brave to record it as part of her 'before' files. But the comments below the video, were all nasty, petty, and cruel. I couldn't believe it. Especially because I had always thought of this friend as a particular kind and wise person - since we were teens! But even more so, because she has always struggled with weight herself, as have I, and because her two oldest sisters have always been most profoundly obese and have suffered quite a lot of misery because of it. And some of the others commenting nasty remarks are also fat - and always have been. But the worse part of it all - ALL of these people are people who identify themselves as Christians; at least one of them, the holier-than-thou type, which is even indicated on his facebook name.

I think that woman should have been commended for her courage and determination. Encouraged. What she is attempting to do is SO difficult to do, even when you are surrounded by loving support. Now she has to try to succeed with the energies of random people in the facebook sphere, sneering at her. It was really bothering me and I just had to let it out somewhere.

To the loving beings who answer my most heart-felt prayers: Please help that woman, and everyone else who is struggling with the task to lose weight and get healthy all on their own, to stay strong and true to their goal, in spite of all of the odds against them.

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    Great thoughts here, I completely agree. Unfortunately, social media seems to have that 'mob effect', where people say and do things that they would never do or say in person. It's too bad that some people don't realize they are being so crummy when they join in on things like that.

    Kudos to that woman. I hope she achieves all that she is striving for too.
    1619 days ago
  • 67YKCEB
    I know for some people it is easy to point out the negative in other people, to make fun of them. And for those people that do that, they have problems with themselves so it make them feel better about themselves to make fun of others.
    Is it right? .... Ummmm that is a HUGE NO!!!
    And the sad part is that we understanding people can't get those others to see what they are doing is wrong. .... Well we can but it takes a long time. (went through that with my sister and others acting like they was mentally handicapped, when they are not.)
    What I did was to stand up against them and correct them. Pointed out how wonderful their life was that they didn't have to go through life that way. After enough fussing they finally got the message and stopped doing it.
    Christian or not is still wrong to make fun of people for any reason. I believe that is a form of bullying. This world is becoming the mess it is because too many people are insensitive and uncaring to our fellow man. I hope that you voiced your opinion about their comments on facebook. Sometimes that is enough for them to see how wrong they are.
    I know that I am not perfect, but I do try to be nice to everyone. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don't.
    Ok I'll get off my box now.
    sometimes you just gotta vent ...... emoticon
    will be adding my voice to your prayer.
    1619 days ago
    I hate it when people do that. No-one deserves to be treated that way. As you say, real encouragement goes a long way. We all respond better to that than to people poking fun at us!

    But, you can't change other people, all you can do is make sure that you are encouraging to those you have contact with, be it via facebook or any other way.

    Hope your day got better....

    1620 days ago
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