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Been Putting this Off for too Long!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

And that brings me to my topic. Procrastination. Are you a procrastinator? Read on. You are in good company because there are a lot of us out there who, for whatever the reason procrastinate. This is an essay by Marla Cilley that struck a cord with me so wanted to pass it on. (Marla Cilley a.k.a. the FlyLady -- see ) www.flylady.org )
Procrastination has been a way of life for most of us. When we think a job is going to take longer than we have time for then we put it off. That is our perfectionism. We have been taught since the day we were born that if we can't do something right don't do it at all! We listened! We may not have heard much else that was said but that stuck in our minds.

Coupled with the pain of having to redo things over and over again when they were not up to the perfectionist standards; we just gave up before we ever got started. A lot of times we don't know where to start. This is the perfectionism monster again. The perfect place to begin! When we can let go of perfectionism; we can stop going down the path of procrastination.
**MY thoughts: Oh boy! Perfectionism is indeed a monster that rears it's ugly head often in my life. It is all part of my definitely Type A personality!! OK, being Type A is not bad IF you use it correctly! But I had come to a point in my life where perfectionism was paralyzing me. I didn't want to start something I could finish or thought I couldn't finish well because that = failure in my mind -- USED to anyway. **

I give you a place! Go shine your sink. It is a simple action that starts you in a direction toward peace. This is our very first habit! Keeping your sink clean and shiny is all you have to do. That shiny sink puts a smile on your face each morning. It is the only thing you have to do. With this one habit you are being kind to yourself. You are not piling on with a huge list.
**MY thoughts: OK, you don't have to start by shining your sink, but the whole idea is START! SOMEPLACE! This is definitely a sparky idea. If you don't start, you'll never move forward!!**

As this one habit becomes automatic you can add another habit. Slow and steady relieves the guilt. This is being patient with yourself. You don't have to be perfect! You just have to do something instead of wring your hands and say I don't have time.
**MY thoughts: DEFINITELY! Start with one or two (at the most) lifestyle changes that are important to you to accomplish. Allow at least 28 days for this behavior to become a habit. Voila. Then when it is a habit you're ready to add more. Got the idea? Took me awhile, but now, being in maintenance, I am finding that maintaining those habits already established and making sure I'm doing the bet I can at those habits is all important. Tweaking and evaluating along the way . . . essential!**

When you hear those words come out of your mouth, set your timer and do two minutes. You will be so surprised at what you can accomplish in those short two minutes. Don't allow your perfectionism to push you too hard or keep you from starting.
**MY thoughs: Hallelujah for the timer! I may not be able to do something for a long time (because it's tiring, boring, whatever!) but sure can do it for 15 minutes (or whatever YOU determine that your limit is), rest and if appropriate, resume till your goal is accomplished. It's a PROCESS people! We have to respect the process and work with it. **

We have all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare. The hare procrastinated. He played and put things off because he felt like he had plenty of time to beat that slow tortoise. In the end he lost the race. Just imagine his stress level when he looked around and saw the tortoise winning. All of a sudden he got in a hurry! What happens when you get in a hurry!

Procrastination places guilt on our heads. We don't do well when well with this guilt and the stress that comes from waiting till the last minute. This stress is pushing our adrenaline buttons to put us into overdrive. So instead of taking your time and doing what you can, when you can; you are speeding down the highway to a head on collision!
**MY thoughts: I used to feel guilt when I didn't accomplish all I wanted to in a day, but learned that's what "to do" lists are for. That's what the next day is for, if you need to carry something over to the next day. But can't use that as an excuse NOT to do it!**

Your adrenaline super fuel is what causes you to crash and burn! That "flash in the pan" burns out your engine and disables your thinking ability. You become the victim of your own procrastination. Please stop procrastinating! If you will only take baby steps your journey will be slow and steady. Your home did not get dirty in a day and it will not get clean overnight! Baby steps will help you find the peace you are searching for.

Progress not Perfection!

**MY thoughts: Sound familiar! VERY sparky for sure. We may not have it perfect, but each day is a perfect opportunity to give it our best, give it our all, do our utmost. Isn't that the sparky way?!? Sure is!

Hugs and peace, fellow sparklers. Let that spark shine on.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Loved the posting today and decided to hang out with you. As usual you have something to ponder and well said. Love you Girl! (Hug)
    305 days ago
    Sometimes I think Marla just shoots a fly hook right at my forehead... I'm still trying to integrate Flylady and weight goals and spiritual life...

    708 days ago
    I geuss this is what I have been doing lately. I relized I am never going to get back in the spark swing of things if I have too big a challenge to face, so I am facing it by doing one thing at a time, little by little usually leads to a happier ending overall, so One baby step at a time I come back into my sparky good habits. I wont be running no Spark marithons any time soon, but I am logged in now and lighting my spark one word at a time, one friend at a time!
    Hugs to you Barb I agree whole heartedly. I think trying to make myself do it all or nothing is what has kept me away so long. Big Smile here!
    1248 days ago
  • GENRE009
    Jesus, you are loved! You have a following! Anyway, what I was going to say is I am a procrastinator too! But I only do the necessity, and the rest is by the way side. But I am not married, so I don't have to share my account for my personal failure of not being the perfect house keeper. I keep it straighten though. Then I assess the mess, and go in and do the obvious visual things. As far as personal perfection, thank God, I am not that hard on myself. I have dated perfectionists, and they weren't perfect. But wanted me to be, and live up to their expectations. Like my husband who would critize me for having dirty car windows. I didn't have time to clean them between 48 hours of work, and full time college. I like the kind of perfectionists that say, "Hey your windows are dirty, let me clean your car!"

    1391 days ago
    She is a pip, that Flylady!
    Here's something I find truly useful:
    If your to do list doesn't fit on a post it note, it is too long.
    1434 days ago
    Couldn't agree more. I love Cilley's method too, although I don't necessarily apply them to the letter.
    1436 days ago
    Loved this. I am a procrastinator. Seriously. I also read the progress not perfection. That WAS my motto when I first started her nearly 4 years ago. What happened to that!? guess I have some thinking to do!! Actually, I need to just do SOMETHING!
    1437 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1437 days ago
    I am a procrastinator emoticon emoticon mm emoticon m
    1438 days ago
    Thanks! I am a perfectionist! And many times it slows me getting things done too much! thanks for posting... sometimes we just need to start... and then finish and move on. emoticon emoticon
    1438 days ago
    I am a real procrastinator, and this is a real helpful blog for those of us who are!

    emoticon for posting this, my friend!

    1438 days ago
    Not to worry...I still have the Queen of Procrastination crown nailed on.

    Great blog, happy dance you didn't put it off longer...lots of hugs and thanks!
    1438 days ago
    Very emoticon
    1439 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Her shiny sink theory is one thing that I agree with. A clean sink (to me) is a necessity.

    Ah the timer... just doing a little bit is sometimes enough to inspiring us through to completion, especially when it comes to exercise. And with food just doing one change is the beginning.
    I like that you said something about tweaking, as with time things change.

    I love your closing thoughts about giving our best. Our best may not be perfect, but it is good enough.
    1439 days ago
  • JULIA_211
    emoticon and emoticon about it placing guilt in our minds! I make a list every morning, and rarely leave a chore undone, but I do procrastinate when it comes to making doctor or dentist appointments. I'm working on it. emoticon emoticon
    1439 days ago
    I think you have ESP this is something I have dealt the last few days I love the idea of the timer and have used it and forgot about it thanks. today i kept find my self i can do it latter when i have more time and here I am at 9 PM just finishing up in the kitchen dinner was done ages ago but not the clean up . reread your blog and set the timer for 15 minutes and i was done in 13 minutes emoticon the emoticon is the kitchen is now closed until breakfast.
    you have given me some great tips to help me down the Spark trail it was rocky today the sentence ''If you will only take baby steps your journey will be slow and steady. '' so its back on the journey tomorrow and i going to take a few steps. emoticon
    1439 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1439 days ago
    I am so guilty!! You hit it right on the head, it takes me an hour to get up out of bed(well, maybe not that long, 59minutes!! lol) Thank you for sharing with us, your blogs are the best!
    1439 days ago
    emoticon If I only did things that I could do well, I wouldn't be here. I'm old and slow, but I am out there competing against myself every day.
    Good Blog!!
    1439 days ago
    emoticon I'm afraid my sink shining has dropped off... gotta get back to that... and you're right... the timer... the small steps... VERY sparkly!

    1440 days ago
    emoticon blog CDBarb! emoticon

    Procrastination has never hit my vocabulary. I'm the exact opposite as still think everything should be done 'yesterday'. Maybe that's just as bad as being a procrastinator, who knows... but we are what we are! emoticon

    Loved RD Nola's comment below, too. emoticon
    1440 days ago
  • RDEE22
    Great blog Barb! I used to be a procrastinater in another life, and then I married a "head down tail up, get the job done kind of person" and i realized the extra time gained for good stuff, by getting all the yuk stuff out of the way.
    1440 days ago
    VERY SParky indeed! SPark on! I needed this today! HUGS!
    1440 days ago
    emoticon Great blog! Thanks for getting it all down. Great reminders!
    1440 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/15/2013 6:54:16 PM
  • SHARON10002
    Did you write this with me in mind?! emoticon How did you know I STILL struggle with the perfectionism monster on a daily basis? I'm sitting here in my computer room amid some paper clutter that's left from exactly one of these episodes yesterday. I got so overwhelmed I gave up and decided to tackle it another day. Well, your blog opened up that Pandora's box again, and I'm going to do it right after I finish typing this! Then it will be done!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1440 days ago
    I hate being procrastinate, so I try my best to tuckle things as came up... But sometime I do not have enough time. So I guess besting is to calm down and do as I can and not get frustrate if I can't do it at the moment. Thanks for sharing. Grate blog !! emoticon emoticon
    1440 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    You are so wise my friend. thanks for sharing. emoticon
    1440 days ago
    Lordy BE!!!--So much trial and error----And I do procrastinate at times-----sometimes the days just aren't long enough girl!!!---- We returned from vet--will hear Tess' blood results to-morrow--hope it is OK_---She has had a good day-so faR!
    1440 days ago
    GREAT BLOG! and Well Said! I totally agree with all your comments, just START, DO something, and soon it will be in the making!!!

    Hugs, and thanks for sharing,
    1440 days ago
    I do love the Flylady...she has it right! Thanks for sharing.

    1440 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1440 days ago
    emoticon love the words are blurring before my eyes.will have to come back another sday to read emoticon
    1440 days ago
    I just joined the FlyLady email thing and the group here! How about that! I love it so far since I need hope for my forever mess. We are in this together!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1440 days ago
    May God bless Marla Cilley, she has an insight into our thinking. We fall back into procrastination many times and then when we are overwhelmed, we begin again.

    Great post!
    1440 days ago
    Yes one or two things steady for a month is the way to go... Here's to sparking on!
    1440 days ago

    Wow, perfectionism. Yeah. I fought that evil monster for years.

    After facing/confronting the evil thing, it took a long time for me to allow myself to forgive myself. That too is a biggy.

    1440 days ago
    I'm not a perfectionist but I'm definitely not a procrastinator. I just want the job done right away and I'm don't care too much how it turns out. That's why I don't do crafts!
    1440 days ago
    Years ago I started creating a "to do" list. I found it helped to get the little things done that I really didn't want to do. Great blog!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1440 days ago
  • SKATER787
    We are trained to think, not do. When we do something impulsively, they say you should think first. We need to re-train ourselves to do first on things we don't need to think about, like organizing for example.
    1440 days ago
    great blog, Pal!
    1440 days ago
    Great blog! My sink is already shiny, but I always seem to have a pesky pile of paper and scraps of paper to deal with...neatly tucked away of course...(OCD??) and yes I still feel EVERYTHING should be perfect in my weight loss program, and since today already isn't perfect, why not start tomorrow?

    Oh yeah I get this one~ thanks for the reminder! OK I'll just do SOMETHING to support my excercise goals TODAY, some little thing, and not worry if the entire day is perfect. (never will be) emoticon emoticon

    PS that "just do 10 minutes" thing never works for me....first I have to be in the right clothes, then I have to shower, no I'll shower afterwards, then I have to eat something, no I need to wait awhile until after I've eaten, oops it's dark now and I don't like to excercise after dark so guess I'll just start tomorrow because today wasn't perfect!! (Is that kind of how the perfectionism thing works LOL?? Does for me!!)
    1440 days ago
  • XRSIZE18
    I love this. Not so much for the procrastination aspect (because that's just something I've put off thinking about) but because it speaks to me on a different level. So many times with weight loss I think things like, "If I am not doing EVERYTHING right, then I won't make any progress - so why bother doing anything right?"

    I'm going to do what I can and not worry about being perfect. Thanks for the reminder. (And glad to see you blogging again.) emoticon
    1440 days ago
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