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Perfect Popcorn

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It is safe to say that I have a

When I was a young, single mom, I was pretty poor! My daughter and I sometimes had peanut butter drizzled on popcorn for dinner!

The flavored popcorn is deadly to diets, though! I (usually) stay away from caramel corn, cheese and other popcorns. And bagged microwave popcorn? That is scary stuff! I won't touch it!

I will tell you how I make the perfect batch of popcorn. I eat the whole batch, too, for only 130-150 calories!

First, we start out with this great little gadget. It allows me to pop my corn in the microwave without any added fat.

Buy some good quality popcorn

It doesn't have to be Orville's. And ALWAYS store your popcorn in a jar, ziploc or otherwise airtight container in the fridge or freezer to keep it fresh! If it is not popping well, add a few drops of water and shake it. Allow it to sit overnight.

I digress..... measure 1/4c popcorn into the popper.

Pop on high in your microwave until popping slows down to about 1 per second. Remove from oven and carefully remove lid to prevent steam burn!

Pour into a large bowl (there will be more than you think!).

Spray with your buttery spray...

... and sprinkle with sea salt

(I usually spray, salt, stir and repeat).

Sit down and enjoy your 150 calorie HUGE snack!

So what is your go-to snack? When you are short on calories and long on munchies, how do you handle it?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm a big fan of popcorn....I even found a way to use a brown paper great too. I do have an air popper, my last one was the microwave one.

    I use extra virgin coconut oil as my flavoring, melt 1-tbs...bumps up the calories but I believe it is a good oil so I've heard.
    1571 days ago
    awesome!!!! thanks so much for sharing!
    1589 days ago
    Ahh- the missing ingredient- Pam! My mother used to use this when we were growing up- ahead of her time. I love air popped popcorn and have been trying to figure our how to make the salt stick. Now I know-thanks.
    1589 days ago
    Popcorn is also my fav. I buy the white hull less popcorn from Amish Country and use an air popper but I also do the spray, salt, stir and repeat. I make a double batch and store the other half in a plastic bag for the next day - always good. I take this on road trips to keep me from stopping and buying something I don't really want to eat. I'm thinking I might need a batch today - haven't had one in over a week.
    1589 days ago
    Sounds good! Where did you get the microwave popper?
    1589 days ago
  • JSPIN74
    gah me too (popcorn passion)...i have it at least 2-3 times a week...the other thing i love...peanut butter...sounds like what i'd like to have for dinner tonight!
    1590 days ago
    I love popcorn also and am so glad I have a microwave corn popper.
    1590 days ago
    nice pics ! you almost made me want it. emoticon
    1590 days ago
    I too love popcorn and it is one of my go-to snacks.
    But I don't like/use the artificially flavored stuff.

    Years ago, I began using nutritional yeast as a sprinkle topping for my popcorn.
    For additional seasoning, I dry and pulverize celery tops, radish tops (zippy!) and add garlic or onion powder, chili powder . . . whatever I'm in the mood for.
    Sometimes a few dashes of malt vinegar. . . . that helps the sprinkled herbs to stick better.

    1590 days ago
    I'll have to go on the hunt to find that kind of popper. I love popcorn. I eat mine with all kinds of different seasonings. I like cayenne pepper. Sometimes chili powder and cumin. Sometimes parm and Italian seasoning. I have never used the butter spray. That will be something else I'll have to try. I've always done it on the stove top so it had oil enough to make the seasoning stick. I don't own a microwave. Never have. We got one in one of my dad's restaurants in the mid-seventies when all they had was the huge, heavy super-expensive Amana Radarange. I've always thought of them as giant cheese melters and since I drink cold coffee have never even used them for heating up coffee. Use them all the time in restaurants but never felt the need to have one at home. Now there are more and more things I think one might be handy for. So if I get one, I'll get the popcorn popper. My mom uses hers to re-heat stuff and cook her "TV dinners" and heat up rolls and coffee. This popcorn idea might be the final impetus to make me buy one!
    1591 days ago
    I have a popcorn popper like that.... and it is the ONLY way to pop some perfect corn. I have one in my kitchen, one in the RV and always have a jar of Orville's popping corn.

    I DIG POPCORN... in the micro.

    1591 days ago
    The hubs and I are DIE HARD POPCORN nuts! Hubs makes it the old fashioned way...he was a firefighter so that's the only way he likes it..lucky me!

    Try some grated Parmesan reggiato cheese on it with some chili lime spice..awesome!!

    1591 days ago
    That sounds great!!!
    1591 days ago
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