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A "Typical"Day at Our House!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First, meet the needs of animals. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Coffee and devotions for Paul and me. emoticon emoticon emoticon

Mount Washmore is growing. Better boot up a load.

Breakfast for the fam. Sean on the bus. Son David off to work. Walk Erik to school.

Better get in my main workout of the day now. Oops, it's raining. emoticon
Can't walk now, so I'll just get on the computer for a bit.

And, while I'm at it, I'll have another cup of coffee.

OK, e-mails done and SparkPeople trackers caught up. Now I need to spend some time on Facebook too.

Omigosh! I didn't set the timer, and now the morning's gone.

Walk to the preschool to pick up Sean. Take twice as long walking home.
Lunch with Paul and Sean. Rehash the football weekend with Paul.

I should work out, but remember that nap I mentioned? I think I'll lie down with Sean.

Oh dear! I forgot to get anything out of the freezer for supper. Guess I'll hit the gym for a little bit and then go to the store.

No, that's NOT me on the escalator. I'm behind the camera, remember! I'll take the stairs.

So I did a short workout.

Off to the store. Walk Erik home. Put the groceries away.

Oh, did I mention the cute swimsuit on close-out at Target?

And, on the street corner as I passed the Middle School, there were a couple of other people waiting to cross too.

Well, the craziest time around here is when I'm trying to get supper on the table. Just substitute Nana in the middle here!

And it's midterm parent teacher conference time. David off to the preschool. I've gone to see Erik's teacher.

I had to pass by this 5th grade classroom, and what I overheard took me back to my parents' conferences with MY teacher.

Home again. I think I'll just sit and pat a dog for a few minutes.

Guess I'm not dead yet, cause I'm up and at 'em again. By now, this is me.

Or maybe this is.

Gotta get ready for our next renovation project. Think I'll go measure the bathroom and figure out if I can put that bigger sink cabinet where I want it.

I'm almost done for the day. But I have to send out a few more thoughts to the young people reading this. Just some random stuff, you see.

'Cause you don't want to end up with this.

And if there ever is a true emergency, please remember...

Oh, and just one more for you young'uns -

Now, goodnight to my wonderful BLC23 team - True Blue.

Time for my beauty ablutions.

At last!

But just as my head hits the pillow, I can't help but realize...

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