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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I recently let a chip build on my shoulder and found that I was becoming brutal! And that is both in word and cutting off the very ones that I love or care about! One of my online friends sent me the following reminders so that I could rein in that which was destroying me so much! Here is an excerpt from him when he gave me a good old fashioned ďtongue lashingĒ!

Itís when you've awakened with a full day ahead of you after only two hours of sleep.

Itís when thereís nothing for you to do but sit by your friends as they deal with tragedies and all the hard stuff life throws at us.

Itís when you donít know how to handle the situations in your life that are anything but black and white.

Itís when you feel utterly helpless and powerless as you watch someone you care about aching with the deep soul wounds that only come from losing the person that comprised the other half of their heart.

Itís when your own heart feels as though itís been crushed beyond recognition over and over again.

Itís when your path is entirely unclear and you donít know if the next step is solid ground or off a cliff.

Itís when youíre not sure if the decisions you've made are the right ones.

Itís when sometimes you realize they werenít.

Itís when it looks as though the world is irrevocably falling apart.

Itís when it seems like people are becoming more and more disconnected, lonely, and afraid.

Itís when you feel as though thereís no way you can even begin to help fix any of it.

Itís when you realize that, in spite of it all, you really are smart and strong enough to make it through step by agonizingly slow step.

Itís when you realize that just when you thought you had nothing left to give, you find you actually have everything left to give and more.

Itís when you want to give up on it all, but find that one thing that drives you to keep going.

Itís easy to love and give and feel happy and alive when things are going well, when we feel as though the world is our oyster. But what happens when life feels as though itís caving in with a spirit crushing weight?

If we are open to the lessons from our hardships, misfortunes, and tragedies they will inevitably build within us an increasingly unshakable compassion, understanding, and love.

And just because we think we canít see something doesn't mean itís not there. The world around us reminds us of it all the time. Even the sun, moon, and stars silently show us that they exist even when thereís too much in the way to see them.

This dressing down really helped me see that it is not always just about me....

Hope if you need them, they will also make you stop to think and practice what you know and believe is right for you!

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