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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So, it's been 64 days since Otakon 2013, my start date of my one year journey, that's two months, 1/6 of my total journey. I'm only about 5 pounds down, and most of that was lost with the initial two or three weeks. I eat worse now than ever and I don't exercise. I need to get into a habit of exercise every day, and need to remember to eat healthy EVERY meal. Plus, I've been eating a lot of candy now, since at work we have a bucket of candy that is just for us at work. It contains several different kinds of my favorite candies. I know it's not healthy.
So, here's what I think:
A) I know once I eat something, I am going to want more, regardless of what it is. So if I eat a salad, I would want more salad. If I eat some candy, I want more candy. So, (as you can probably guess), I'm simply going to avoid the unhealthy foods. A recent article in Men's Fitness magazine stated the obvious/not-so-obvious statement that men who simply avoid the temptation altogether have a better rate of making more healthy choices. Also, I read on Tumblr (meaning take it with a grain of salt) an idea that may work, to get a mindset similar to "If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all." Similarly, I will view the temptation as an all-or-nothing view of health, "If it's not healthy, don't eat it at all." I know it's harsh, but I tend to do things on one extreme or the other.
B) Exercise. I plan to at LEAST walk every day, even if that's the short .8 mile walk (0.4 mi each way, takes very little time, half of what I was doing). Any exercise, for at least 10 minutes per day. That's not asking a lot.
C) Sunshine. I almost never go outside. Usually the only reason I go outside is to go drive somewhere. So, same as the exercise, at least 10 minutes a day outside.

D) Goku. Since Thankgiving is coming up very soon, I'm going to try to strength train some. I can build the initial muscle very easily, but since I've never done any more than that I'm not sure how fast my muscle would build after that. TEN WEEKS HAVE GONE BY WITHOUT ME GIVING MY ALL!

E) Computer. I honestly need to get off the computer and do productive things more often, or at least do the productive things on the computer more often. I've fallen behind on homework just because I did not feel like doing it. I complain about not having time, but I have plenty of time. ALL I did today was class from 5:20-7:05 (really, you could consider it from 4:30-8:30 because of driving and spending some time doing stuff at school). I woke up at noon and wasted all that time between then and class. Then after class, I got back onto the computer.
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    Hi There - I know how you feel. It's much easier to fall off the horse and stay off than get back on and get going. It looks like you have a great plan in place though. A couple things that have helped me from the no exercise/lots of food --- (1) When I'm going through a rough food patch I track every single thing I eat - somehow knowing I HAVE to track it makes me think twice before putting it in my mouth. (2) I work with an accountability buddy here on Spark - there is a stick topic for them on the 20 Somethings with 50-99 Pounds to Lose - again - knowing I have to tell someone whether or not I did my planned exercise I told them I was going to do the day before makes it much harder to cheat myself (3) When I started, it was with short walks (10-15) minutes during lunch time at work. Not sure if this is an option for you or not - but I found it to be a really good way to ensure I got at least a little exercise in during the day.

    Good luck - you can do this!
    1611 days ago
    Maybe you could "earn" 15 minutes of computer time by getting outside and walking everyday, first? Then set a timer so you know when to stop and get offline.

    I love my daily walks, even if they are short (I have bad ankles and knees). I made a habit of driving to work a few minutes early, getting out of the car and doing "laps" around the building before I enter. After lunch, I go out the back door and around to the front. If it is nice out, I treat myself to a little longer walk.

    Hang in there--we all have to reassess and re-tool our plans from time

    1615 days ago
    I feel your pain I am also one of those people who does the extremes I think that's why I did so well with clean eating the rules were very black and white you can eat this you cant eat that versus the whole just eating in moderation which I tend to fail horribly at lol when we have things at work that I don't want to eat I try to either bring an alternative or I always carry a pack of gum with me for when I feel like I might cave and that usually does the trick. Good luck with your new goals!
    1615 days ago
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