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Whistlestop Half Marathon 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Finishers Shirt

Pre Race dinner and blues festival

After race festival


Really cool coffee mug :)

Even got a cool sign to go with it at a local coffee shop :)

The race itself was probably one of the few half marathons I've done where it wasn't cold, rainy, crappy, frosty, or all of the above. The race looked just like the ads for it... gorgeous Fall weather, colors and lots of sunshine.

My results were about what I expected, no time barriers broken. Since the 70.3 I haven't been running hardly at all... like twice back in September and that was around 3 miles each run. So the maintenance really hasn't been there and it showed. Still, the fact that I could just roll out of bed and do 13.1 miles says a lot about my current fitness level.

Thank you so much for all of the goodies and SP mail and comments. I'm still relatively un-enthused but i'm not down like I was and that's a good thing.


I found myself watching "Spirit Of The Marathon" twice this weekend and caught myself planning. If I could get a consistent 5k time down to about 35min or less, then work my way up to a 10 mile time of about 2hrs -2:15, hmmmmmm

I can easily train and work on my 5k time over the winter... thinking... thinking....

dude, you're nuts. forget it.

My common sense kicked in fortunately and I have since squashed my marathon aspirations. I need to back off and get back to just being Robert, work on losing weight, strength training, and being normal...not some endurance mutant that doesn't know when to say no.

I will someday but for now.....

I'm just not ready for another beating. I took a pounding out there when I did my first one and I'm not too keen on a second helping for now. Not to mention the fact that endurance training kills any possibility for weight loss so frankly it's go small or go home. It's being un-epic.

the only thing that has worked in the past is to train in such a way that you don't spend time recovering, train at a low enough intensity that you don't provoke your appetite but yet burn a modest amount of calories, and treat carbs with kid gloves. I have learned that not all calories are created equal and while not to spark a low carb debate on my blog, I have come to the conclusion that if Robert is to lose weight, he cant do it while spiking his insulin.

Anyway. I am doing better but I'm not really the same hard charging guy I was a few months ago. I am a lot more mellow and maybe normal.

maybe I just need a break.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Looking good! Stick with the lessons you've learned.
    988 days ago
    Life is all about happiness and change. You will discover your place and probably by accident or maybe that's just me. I can't train and lose weight. To me right now I want to train, I am maintaining my weight. Just because you ran before doesn't mean you have to do it now. Explore new things reboot. Keep an open mind.

    You'll do great!
    988 days ago
  • v RJSAMS
    Hey, I was there and ran the half-marathon, too! Good for you!

    It was a great race, but I sure felt that trail surface. My hammies were screaming at me by the end. Gorgeous scenery and great parties.

    Nice job!
    988 days ago
  • v IMSMILEY88
    Congrats on another half! And, on knowing when to say 'no.' And, I loved your saying, "not all calories are created equal." That's just brilliant!!!!
    988 days ago
    A wonderful thing about life is that we can change direction any time we want...
    Happy Change! emoticon
    988 days ago
    Another great blog, Robert. You are now a proven athlete with the heart of a lion. As everyone else says, you probably are due a rest and recovery period.
    I'm thinking (no pressure) once you've rested a bit you'll be back on the hard training, and I see much more in your future.
    You are truly an inspiration - in fact, you are a large part of the reason that I decided to do a 70.3 of my own. i just signed up yesterday for the HITS Ocala half Ironman distance.
    Thanks for the inspiration my friend.

    988 days ago
    Have you ever read the book RUNNING? Great writing and inspirational.

    988 days ago
  • v SBFT84
    Do you remember why you started sparkpeople and how you first felt? You are no longer that person, you are the 2013 Robert who runs! Your new Mo-Jo will find you, and while you are jogging in place at this part of your journey , know that you have inspired me to start walking. That came from spark blogs, and you. So , keep searching for the New Style of Robert 2013, and I will begin the New Sherry 2013, walker in training. May you find the words that spark your inner fire and light up your life.
    989 days ago
    Robert, I think I told ya this, but anyway, my cardiologist says marathons aren't all that healthy. It's not going "small" to concentrate on your health and happiness. Nope, that's the real big stuff.

    Use exercise to lift your mood and increase energy, instead of weight loss.
    989 days ago
    Robert I have been so out of touch with all my spark motivators... I am sorry I have missed the last basically 6 months. I will go and read now to catch up. You have been one that I love to read, watch and cheer on. It's nice to see you mellow and maybe that is enough right now. Breath it in and enjoy this new place you are in. Awareness is amazing and you have achieved so very much. Now you can move on to the next chapter of Robert! You have proven that you can do anything you put your mind to. Keep up the great work! YOU CAN DO THIS!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    989 days ago
  • v FITFOODIE806
    Glad you had a beautiful day for a HM. And yes, very cool that you can just do it.

    I think you're being very wise in your marathon decision. It is so easy to get caught up in all the races and planning. I am having a conversation with myself about the same thing.
    989 days ago
    I agree that endurance training and weight loss are not compatible. Although a half is sure an endurance event for me! Glad you enjoyed and are doing better. I love the coffee mug!
    990 days ago
    Oh, almost forgot. I totally heart that coffee mug!! emoticon
    990 days ago
    emoticon emoticon I'm glad you're starting to get some of your mojo back. Yep, ST is awesome! I have totally fallen in love with it. Inches & weight are melting off. Keep smiling & just be you.
    990 days ago
    At the end of the day, you know what's best for you - do what's best for you!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with recognizing that what you were doing - while very rewarding - wasn't what was going to get you through the long haul.

    Just don't forget what you've accomplished in the past - those are reminders of what you are capable of and how far you've come.

    No matter what direction you decide to go in, or what changes in your journey you're making, I know you will overcome any obstacles in your way.
    990 days ago
  • v MISSLISA1973
    We love you no matter what! Glad you are feeling a bit better... I saw a little bit of a smile in that first picture. That made me happy.

    emoticon Lisa
    990 days ago
    Way to get out there and finish! I have had a couple of those races. Keep moving forward and enjoy the focus on you.
    990 days ago
    Whether you are training for an ultra-marathon or endurance event or a 2-mile walk, you WILL always be Robert. You make your identity - not what you have done in the past. And, by the way, I can totally relate. Sometimes I wish people would see ME, not achievements. That I am PERSON with REAL struggles! *gasp*

    990 days ago
    I definitely agree, traing and trying to lose weight are not compatible, one should focus on one or the other or else one (or both) suffer and you don't end up happy.

    Great job on the run, keep striving for your spark goals!

    990 days ago
    You were going full blast for such a long time - enjoy your break. I love when I can just run to run - taking my time to enjoy the scenery, and trying new types of fitness.
    990 days ago
    A break can be a good thing. Dialing it back to "line in the sand"... i.e. knowing you won't be as hard charging, but defining your level of maintaining fitness while working on what you know you need to do for the NEXT hard-charging Epic season.

    I mentioned I'd been reading Joe Friel's book, The Triathlete's Training Bible, and it distinctly identifies the need for that rest / recuperation period at the end of a hard season. We're there now, buddy. You after your 70.3, me after my Double Half Mary. Turns out that puppy took more stuffing out of me than I at first thought.

    But right now, I'm in a good mental place. Have my personal stretch goal for next year, and while it's not as Epic as what you just did, it truly *is* a stretch for ME.

    Relaxing into the recovery phase is more difficult for a hard-charger... glad you're finding that delicate balance of mellow, without being down on yourself. emoticon You are still my hero!
    990 days ago
    Yes, it's hard to give up endurance training. I will modify this quote: "A little endurance training is a dangerous thing, drink deep or taste not from the Pierian spring" (A modified Alexander Pope quote--original one is about knowledge)

    But when trying to find balance and achieve a weightloss goal, endurance can be put on hold.

    But once you've had a taste of the real thing I know it's hard to give up. But it is worth it.

    Keep moving forward.
    990 days ago
    Ah, how much to run and lose weight?

    I lost the last part of the weight on my way to goal while running 3 or 4 days a week. The distance was not all that great by endurance standards, 3 to 3.5 miles on weekdays and 4.5 to 6 miles on weekends. At my pace, that was about 25 minutes on the weekdays and as much as 45 minutes on the weekend days. Not a whole lot of time, but it was a zone of suppressed appetite and having to eat in the evening to make my minimum calories.

    Of course, there's not telling how your body and appetite would react to such a schedule. In fact, the point was that I wanted to run; the appetite suppression just kind of happened. So I don't really know how you would plan for it. But there's one data point for you to consider while you experiment to see what works for you.

    I know you're a pretty determined sort of guy, so I expect you'll solve that puzzle and get where you want to be. It's just there will be stretches along the way where the progress isn't obvious.
    990 days ago
  • v SILVER_WOLF1221
    A break sounds good. Nothing wrong with taking one from time to time. Be proud of what you've already accomplished, nothing wrong with planning something in the future, but take the time you need to rest and relax! emoticon
    990 days ago
    I'm so glad you participated in the Whistlestop event. You haven't mentioned the classes you had planned on teaching in awhile....are you still going to do that? Maybe you need to refocus on planning for that and your own personal weight loss goals for a whileinstead of another huge race. Each is an important, worthwhile goal for sure, but with different strategies needed for success.
    990 days ago
    Reggie and I are doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class. Last night after class I was reading through some information we got and he referred to a scripture about discipline. As I read it, I thought my weight loss non momentum has as much to do with discipline than anything else. Discipline can be counted on even when our enthusiasm wanes. It's about sticking with a routine even when we would rather just curl up in a ball. I think back to prior to my big trip to Europe (2011) and it was all about discipline because I wanted to be more comfortable on my flights. I need to find that again. For me it's getting up in the morning and getting the exercise out of the way first thing. And eating healthy, even when junk food is calling my name. So instead of being EPIC....I think we need to be DISCIPLINED! Food for thought...hugs!
    990 days ago
  • v _MOBII_
    I agree that you need a break. Not a break from everything, you have created some wonderful habits for yourself, but a break to get back to enjoying the parts of your health and exercise that you love.

    I know you enjoyed the buildup and the completion of your 70.3, and it was very taxing on your time...not to mention your body. You had this huge rush of endorphins and adrenaline in your system for months and now you don't. Its totally understandable that you would need time to recoup both physically and mentally.
    So you found yourself making possible plans towards a marathon...why wouldn't you? It's something that you like, but I think you are both trying to, and worried that, you or someone else EXPECTS you to top your 70.3.
    While I am in awe of your epic adventure, the only thing that I look to you for is being YOU. If you want to further your adventure, I am all behind you. If you need a break, or want to continue your adventure in another direction...well, I am still gonna cheer you on and support you.

    Take your time and enjoy your self and your family, find a new groove in your diet and exercise regimen, and you will find that you are still and always have been a winner.
    990 days ago
  • v MARUKI52
    We can't all go flat out all the time. Sometimes we need to have a bit of a rest from the challenges just to recharge our batteries. Having a bit of time off will probably do you a whole heap of good rather than taking on another challenge.

    Just enjoy some down-time. You've done so well already.
    990 days ago
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