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Monday, October 14, 2013

Hi Sparkfriends,

I have not dropped off the face of the Earth, but at the moment, I do not have Internet access at home (I'm at work now, typing during my lunch-time but as it is one of my 5:2 fast days, I'm not eating, just drinking herbal tea.) I'm awaiting delivery of my new wireless router but so far, they've tried to deliver it at the wrong address. Then, they tried to deliver it on the wrong day (I asked for Thursday pm delivery, they tried to deliver on Monday am... Go figure!)

I have contacted my Internet provider twice. Twice, someone was supposed to ring me back with information about the new delivery and twice, they didn't! I'm getting annoyed now... emoticon

We are very, very busy at work now that all the students are back. I hate being at the Library at the moment, with all the problems I've had here. I'm trying to remain zen about it and look at the big picture (The Library is just money to pay the mortgage and the bills; the focus of my attention and energy should be my Advanced Nutrition Studies and the eventual start-up of my own business.) But sometimes, remaining zen is easier said than done: today, zen is eluding me as I've had a particularly trying and upsetting morning emoticon

But on the bright side of things, the Advanced Nutrition Studies have started in earnest. The first part is Vitamins and Minerals Supplementation.... 52 pages of it! emoticon
Also, my colleague who kindly accepted to be my guinea pig for my end-of-course assessment has now lost 3" off her waist and 4lbs in one month by following the plan I put her on, and this is with her not even sticking to it 100%. It goes to show that even small changes towards a clean diet can have some great results!

Last week, my son and I went to visit a couple of secondary school. He has to make his first and second choice before the end of this month as his application form has to be handed in before the 30th. It's a lot to think about for him. I have my preference. I think the Academy we visited would be a better fit academically, but the other secondary school we went to (our "local" one) is by no means a bad school and most of his friends are going to go there, so he leans towards this one. Decisions, decisions....

For me, things are still going well. The 5:2 fast days are no big deal now, I've managed to keep to a mainly Paleo diet (apart from all the baking I've been doing but I blame the Great British Bake Off and its technical challenges- I'll probably need to explain that in a separate blog, although UK Sparkers will probably know what I mean! emoticon )
I'm still going to BodyPump 2 or 3 times a week, swimming or biking (with hills) once a week and Zumba/Bokwa once a week. Not sure if I've lost any more weight lately as I keep forgetting to weigh myself but weight is not my main concern anymore.

Can't wait to get my Internet connection back up at home as I have photos to share for a proper catch-up but they are on my laptop.

Hope you are all doing well and I can't wait to be able to catch up on all your blogs and news as well.
Have a lovely day everyone! emoticon
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