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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Today I did 18 miles

I picked up a stray about 6 miles into the run/walk. I tried to make the puppy go back but he'd just pretend to go back and when I turned around a few minutes later he'd still be there. So I said well, if I don't get rid of him when I reach the halfway point, then I'll encourage him to follow me. When I get back to my car, I'll coax him in and take him to the shelter. I thought that is how life is.... "you get a hand when you are halfway through. But you really need a hand to get started. So, get started and aid will come".

The puppy followed me to the halfway point and then I started stopping and trying to coax him. I found an empty container and put some water in it for him. But he wouldn't let me touch him. When I turn around he'd drop back. A couple of time I had to go back and get him because he got confused due to traffic and people.

Part of the run takes me through downtown. The puppy found some food/bones that had been discarded and he started eating it. I went back to beckon him to come on, but he was eating the food. So I continued on my run. I looked back a couple of times but I did not see him. I began to feel bad. I said I'd come back in my car and see if I could find him. I knew it would be unlikely because I've still got 6 miles to go (and that's like 2 hours).

I didn't see the puppy anymore. I wondered why I didn't think of finding food for the dog when we first started. We'll even the gas stations are not opened at 4:30a - 5a in the morning. I thought about tying a string around his neck - and using it as a lead. But of course I don't having any such thing on me. After going through all that with the puppy, he leaves me at mile 12. This is the 1st time a dog ever followed me. I hope it is the last time.

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