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Tasty Tip #19 Delicious dairy treat

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lots of people can't "do" dairy, thankfully I'm not one of them.
IMO its a tasty way to get your calcium.
And if your dairy is fortified, a bit of vitamin D and A.

I was thrilled the other day when I saw one of my favorite brands of cottage cheese is advertized on Spark, along with a printable money off coupon.

Since everyone doesn't see the same ads, I figured I'd link to it here:

So what sets Daisy Brand cottage cheese apart from the rest?

Simplicity...with only 4 ingredients, cultured milk, cream, salt and vitamin A in a form that those with thyroid disease can use... palmitate.

Its cottage cheese made the traditional way, not all jacked up with fillers and chemicals.

There's plenty of things you can do with it other than eat is as is.
I like to put it in my mini-cuisinart and make a pudding with it.

Some pudding combos are:

On the sweet side:

1. A touch of honey and vanilla, cinnamon. Topped with blue berries and sliced almonds.. or thin sliced apples, a couple of raisins and walnuts.

2. A tablespoon of cocoa powder, vanilla and sweetener of choice for a chocolate pudding that tastes like chocolate cheesecake.

3. Lemon and honey, topped with raspberries

4. Haven't made this one yet, but pumpkin and spices, a bit of honey.

On the savory side:

A can of italian spiced tomates, heated with some raw spinach leaves and chopped onion, then topped with cottage cheese is a delicious speedy warm lunch that tastes like lasagne without the noodles. No blending required!

Do you have a fav combo? Share them here... I will put them in this blog as an update.

Bon Appetit
: )
I do not work for Daisy Brand, nor do I recieve any compensation... I'm simply championing a brand I have enjoyed for years... spreading the Daisy Lurv... ha

UpDate: 10/13
Thx everyone for your responses!
Anna I would love to know how to make cottage cheese!
Perhaps you can blog about it?

LJ, I have had cottage cheese with pineapple, its delicious and if the pineapple is fresh the enzymes in it will help with the digestion of protein in cottage cheese.

Skater, A variant of the Budwig is to combine cottage cheese with fish oil. Since Louisa's time its been found that ALA (alpha linolenic acid) in flax is often not well converted into DHA and EPA the two our bodies need. If you use the lemon flavored Carlson's fish oil to make the pudding, its pretty tasty.

Thx everyone for reading and your response!

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