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I have FINALLY re-entered the world of ONE-DERLAND!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

If you look VERY closely you will see me high up in the trees. I am at Club Getaway, in Kent, CT. This is an adventure camp for kids and adults- it is awesome. I was there with my 7th grade class (90 of them!) and ready to take on all the activities availed to us! I was ready, I am about 40 pounds lighter and not feeling as self conscious as I have about my body and its abilities as I have in the past 20 years.

It took about fifteen 12 years olds to get me up- I am the highest the pulley will take you. They are strong and I am lighter- so it all worked! Once you get to the height you want, you pull the lever that keeps you carabeened to the pulley rope and release yourself. And then you literally SWING through the trees. It was amazing, fun and cathartic for me!! The kids thought it was a hoot and were nothing but encouraging and supportive. They have NO idea what that meant for me, that they could get me up there and that I would let them without fear of what difficulties my body would or would not allow them to do. Needless to say, I would have NEVER done this 40 pounds ago, I would have been on the sidelines! The confidence they provided me with- priceless. And they will never know- what an impact this made for me and my outlook of my journey. This was a great moment, a great day!

As the title of my blog reports... I have finally made it into the 100s. I am hoping by Oct 21st (my three month follow up from surgery) that I will solidly be in the 100s. I am 199.8 now and NOT looking back! I wanted to be in the 100s by this follow up appointment- I hope to lose a bit more to secure the possibility. I am hopeful!

In about 5-7 more pounds (depends on the day) I will be at my half way point. I have decided to lose 90 pounds. 147 seems like a good number to me! I didn't really know what I wanted until recently. It becomes clearer as time goes on. So soon I will be blogging about being halfway there, and it will be a good day!

Life is Good!
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