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The NSV vs. the MST -- Missing Slim Things. Still good.

Friday, October 11, 2013

People love reading NSVs. I have another list to post. I thought of it while driving the other day, past the bike trail where I used to run.

See, I lost 93, then gained 62. Now I've lost six and a half on my way back down to where I was and to goal. So I want to post MSTs -Missing Slim Things from when I lost weight. And at size 4, I felt pretty slim.

1. Taking my jeans out of the dryer and marveling at how small they look.
2. Sitting in a chair comfortably while hugging my knees.
3. Seeing news stories about obesity rates and not being part of the percentage.
4. Dancing.
5. Saying, "I'm a runner" and not wondering if somebody is skeptical when I say it.
6. Being a runner.
7. Going up to the third floor at work using stairs without straining.
8. Shopping.
9. Going out on a date with Hub, esp. getting dressed up to go out.
10. Looking good in everything in my closet.
11. Giving away old clothes that are too big.
12. The way I felt people saw me, seeing me and not the weight.
13. Looking younger.
14. Feeling younger.
15. Much less back pain.
16. Pride at my accomplishment.
17. Catching an unexpected reflection of myself and being startled (STILL, after a year).
18. Looking forward to trips and even planning more of them.
19. Being able to be a role model with some credibility.
20. People noticing my weight loss, which I used to increasingly find a tiny bit annoying, but not now!
21. Wearing high heels.
22. Wearing my daughter's cast offs that she left after she moved.
23. Looking forward to getting on the scale.
24. Watching new muscles appear, overall toning.
25. Learning to like photos.
26. Worrying less about aging.
27. Knowing the family threats of diabetes and heart disease were much less likely.
28. Breaking my first 10-minute mile.
29. Doing flexibility exercises with no fleshy impediments.
30. Nothing ever seemed quite so bad at work or at home on bad days because I had this accomplishment to be proud of, that I carried with me everywhere.

There are probably more. But these are the ones that come to mind while brainstorming. Gah, what was I thinking, not keeping it off?! Of course, it never gets put back on all at once, and you forget slowly.

I think I will read this list myself a lot, to keep the right motivations in mind. Instead of thinking of them as something I've lost, I'm considering them something I'm going to gain back! Losing weight to gain! :D

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