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Looking for the Inner Beauty - Tales from 100# Down

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Friday, October 11, 2013

emoticon I want to share something from my heart with you today. I've touched on it before in a blog but want to share more openly with you because maybe it will make a difference to at least one person.

I think most of you know that I began this journey somewhere over 350 pounds and I don't know where that somewhere was because my scales didn't go any further. I have NO pictures of me at that stage of my life because frankly I was very ill and my DH didn't take pictures because he was being kind so I just have to say 350+ as my starting weight. I do know that after I had been "dieting" for awhile we bought some new scales and by then I was down to 345 (still no pictures).

Here are a few of me around 320 in this blog:

Here is one I know was 316 because this was a few months into Sparkpeople (I had not yet found BLC - the 12 week member created challenge here on Sparkpeople).

I thought I was doing great by then but I see my calves were huge, my arms were huge and my belly took up my lap not to mention my many chins.

Now you may be wondering why I'm dredging up these old pictures. I'm doing so because I want to make a point. The person in those pictures and the person writing this to you right now are the SAME person. Oh sure, things have changed, what I eat, how I move, my self-confidence, but I'm still the same person that loves holidays, old movies, animals, flowers, birds, music, the smell a fire burning in autumn, the first snowflake, the first crocus of spring and a great college basketball game.

emoticon Why am I telling you this? Because society often doesn't give us a chance. They see only the exterior and they miss out on the "great people" that make up the "interior". I have been watching people for a long time. I worked for years in women's retreats where strangers from many towns would come together for a long weekend. That first meet and greet time at the beginning of the weekend I would see the same thing happen over and over. People do not choose the large person to sit by, talk to, be the "buddy" for the icebreaker exercise, etc.

Now I can't speak for everyone of size but I can tell you that I plastered a smile on my face and pretended like everything was OK but inside it hurt. I never want ANYONE to feel that kind of hurt... so here is my little challenge for you.

When you are out and about and a person of size is in line next to you or coming up that aisle in the grocery - give them a nice smile. You don't know what battles they may be facing in their health, home, relationships etc. You just don't know the "why" behind their obesity. It's not as simple as too many french fries. It might be anything from sexual abuse as a child, to domestic abuse by a partner, to financial ruins to tragic death in a family. Treat everyone like you wish to be treated. Look for INNER beauty!

Now lest you think I'm promoting "fat acceptance" I'm not. I'm promoting the INNER beauty of the person because when we value them then they can value themselves and that's the first step to making and FINISHING this journey to "Health & Fitness".

Hope you make someone's day today by just giving them a genuine smile or a kind word.

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