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Am I getting old?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I felt like turning 30 was the great thing - I think some of my friends when they turned 30 felt like it was all down hill from there. But I kind of felt the opposite. I was kind of freaked out about turning 30, but I didnt feel like I was going downhill. My 30th birthday included a trip to England! I found out I was getting my new job, which has had a lot of perks, like being interviewed by NPR! But my new job also brought some traumatic experiences (vicarious trauma anyone?), and needing to see a therapist. And now, being 30 is also bringing me some medical procedures, I thought I wouldnt need until I was well into my fifties!

See, I went to the GI specialist yesterday. Well, I finally got there after driving around lost on Fort Carson Army post - I never go there. The hospital signs seemed very inconsistent - even when I was following them, I couldnt find the hospital! I made it there just in time for my appointment - who needs to show up 15 minutes early, right? The doctor was very, very nice, though easily distracted by phone calls, and knocks on his door. Thats annoying to me because I definitely dont do that when I am with clients, but whatever. He listened to everything that I said was troubling my stomach, we discussed EVERYTHING. I didnt appreciate when he told I'm a bit overweight (like I didnt already know that!), but overall, he seemed concerned about my troubles. He even read through my recent blood test results and told me that I am anemic, regardless of what the PA told me a few weeks ago, because my blood tests indicate I'm not getting enough iron into my bone marrow. But he isnt prescribing me an iron supplement right now because it will just cause my stomach to hurt even more.

So - the verdict? Who knows. I am going to get blood tested tomorrow for celiacs and lactose intolerance. I got nexium for my acid reflux and some medicine for abdominal cramps. I am also having an EGD (upper GI) scope on the 23rd of October, and a colonoscopy on the 1st of November. Yup - I figured those were tests you have when you are older than thirty. I mean, I wasnt surprised that he would order those tests, but it's still a lot to take in anyway! I felt a bit (or a lot) overwhelmed as I sat down with the nurse and he went over all of the instructions for my procedures. Then I went to pre-admission, and they got my admission folders for my procedures started. And then I went to the pharmacy to pick up all of my meds, including my pre-colonoscopy pills. Fun times! I am hopeful this will help us all figure out what is going on with my stomach. But I really appreciated that the doctor didnt make me feel like I am crazy, or didnt blow me off. So, we'll see what the test results show and hopefully I can get to feeling better. It was stressful trying to schedule both procedures because since I will be sedated for both of them, I need to have someone drop me off and pick me off. J's work schedule is always difficult for me to predict because he teaches every other day and it changes each week. I can never figure out when he teaches and when he doesnt. So I had to call him from the hospital yesterday and we still couldnt find days that would work. So right now he is planning to drop me off on the 23rd before work, then go teach in the morning, and then pick me up after his class is over, drive me home, and go back to work to teach in the afternoon. The November procedure day he doesnt have to teach, but he doesnt know about meetings. However, my mom offered to fly out for that one since she already took that week off work - I think she really just wants to come visit because she's been mentioning that week for the past 2 weeks now... I havent decided whether I want her to visit or not yet...

I went home yesterday feeling really overwhelmed and really down. I didnt make it to the gym, and I got take out for dinner, even though I knew it wouldnt help my stomach feel any better. And then after I ate it I decided I was giving up fast food. I dont know why this seems so daunting to me, though. From early 2010-mid 2011 I completely gave up fast food and soda. It never seemed challenging. Well, I suppose initially it did, but I dont really remember that. So I started a new spark streak and I am determined to keep this going. It can only help, right?

I have meetings this afternoon and then I am planning to go to the gym. Probably will be a short ST session before going to jazz dance class tonight. I was pretty annoyed when I got to work this morning and had an email from a pretty jerky attorney who apparently thinks I have only one client and nothing else to do with my time than jump at his demands. So I sent him a snarky email back, and I kind of just dont care. I'm cranky, and he's not my boss. Blech.

I am looking forward to having off from work tomorrow. Planning to get my blood tests done first thing in the morning - one of them is fasting, so I figure I'll get both of them done at the same time and get it over with. Then I am going to have a nice breakfast, and get to work on getting things organized at home. I've got my list and I am hoping I can be super productive. Not sure what else I have planned for the weekend other than that, getting to the gym on Saturday, and attending a party for one of J's coworkers on Sunday. I leave Monday morning for work, so I hope I can get a ton of stuff done before then!
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    I had to get a colonoscopy when I was 25 and the nurse who put the needle in for my anesthesia made a snarky comment - "Oh you're only 25, what are you getting a colonoscopy for?" I was so nervous and exhausted and HUNGRY (since you can't eat for 24 hours or something beforehand) that I started to cry and told my mom what he said and she threw a FIT at the other nurses, so I got treated very nicely after that :)

    Like others have said, the prep is the worst part. Pick a bathroom in your house and stick with it! Though if you're getting pills, you're a step ahead of me - I this disgusting drink mix that tasted like Pine Sol and made me gag, and I had to drink it every 30 minutes or something ungodly like that. Also go easy on what you eat afterward - I made the mistake of getting Chinese food because I was just so damn hungry, and that certainly didn't make my stomach feel any better!
    1097 days ago
    Good luck with the no fast food. I am working on the soda still I really want one this week but I don't want to break my streak LOL
    1107 days ago
  • MSMARTI1958
    Whoever said you are too young for a colonoscopy is dead wrong. You get a colonoscopy when you need a colonoscopy! At 30 they found I had a lump on my thyroid gland and they had to remove half. Then I had reflux a lot and a burning stomach, and had to have an endoscopy and it was discovered that I had an ulcer, and later, GERD. I take meds. Then I developed IBS, and had to have a colonoscopy. Since then, I have had MANY, both upper and lower. They are completely safe and not intrusive, dangerous, or any of that. What they are are medical procedures to find out what is going on internally. You can't always doctor from the outside, sometimes you have to look inside.
    1108 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/13/2013 12:06:54 AM

    sorry just needed to scream that. I had one at 35 that saved my life. I was having various GI issues...blood in my stool, upset stomach, pencilling stool, irritable bowel kind of stuff. Mentioned it to my primary care who did some blood work that looked fine. She ordered another test that I blew off since the blood work was good and then she wrote me a letter stating she had scheduled me a colonoscopy, talked my insurance and everything was set all I had to do was show up...well besides the nasty prep. SInce I had the day off I obliged to get her off my back.......Wasn't I surprised when coming out of the fog of anesthesia my recovery nurse said..."I am going on a sabbatical in the Holy Land and you are the patient I am going to pray for".....she already knew my results, I had to wait another 4 long days. Cancer. If I had not gone to that colonoscopy because I was "too young" and waited til I was over 50....well 50 would never had come. Early detection with a colonoscopy saved my life.

    Not by any imagination am I suggesting you have cancer. But I am suggesting that the benefits may out way the inconvenience of a colonoscopy prep. Wishing you all the best.
    1109 days ago
    Wow what a schedule! emoticon
    1109 days ago
    Enjoy your day off and try to have a little relax time this weekend!
    1110 days ago
    Get every test you can until they figure out the problem. Hopefully, they will figure it out soon. Old is relative , but everyone gets older.
    1110 days ago
    I hope all of the tests only turn up something minor and easily taken care of. Great job on the new spark streak... They always work to motivate me! I work for okympus and we are a huge manufacturer of colonoscopes so I am very pro-scope. You will do fine!
    1110 days ago
    I'm sorry you have to go through all the procedures and I hope they give you answers! If you weren't having GI issues, than yes, obviously a colonoscopy wouldn't be needed at your age, but since you are, a colonoscopy is a great idea to find out what is going on in there. I've been having colonoscopies since I was 10 years old because of my ulcerative colitis and I'll be having my next one on the 22nd. Like CARADAWN said, the prep is really the worst part about it! Sending good thoughts your way!
    1110 days ago
    I disagree with Boilham that you are too young for a colonoscopy - I had my first one at 28 and my sister had her first one at 14!! I know we are the exception but they really aren't that bad. The worst part is the prep (what prep are you doing?). The procedure is super quick and you'll most likely be fully recovered by the end of the day (I usually eat bland food after the procedure just to be safe).

    If you aren't sure of the diagnosis after the tests are run then I would get a second opinion. I definitely did but the nice thing is you will already have the tests done and the second opinion doc can just look at them and do his/her own interpretation.

    Enjoy your day off tomorrow :)
    1110 days ago
    Wow a colonoscopy at your age?? That sounds strange to me. I'd get a second opinion if it was me. It's an intrusive procedure, and I waited until I was 55 to get mine. You're not old, I have neckties older than you. LOL.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.
    1110 days ago
    I'm glad he listened to everything. Ooohhh....upper GI...I haven't had one but I did have a lower GI....not fun. Hopefully they'll be able to figure out what is going on.
    1110 days ago
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