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An hour ago I felt like crap...

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

..and now I don't.

All day, and up until 59 minutes ago, I was soooooooooooore. I was grouchy. Sleepy. Planning on skipping my workout.

But------ I didn't skip my workout. I marched my sore, grouchy butt downstairs. I got in front of the macho men in the gym, put plates on the bar, and lifted. I felt pretty dumb at times since I was struggling to get a light weight over head. But I kept at it, and finished!

For the metcon [metabolic conditioning, aka, cardio segment] I set up my own little crossfit gym in the group fitness room. I scaled things I couldn't do (like pull ups, I did a little hopping pull up instead) and made makeshift equipment (no 20" box for box jumps.. so I just stacked 6 risers under a step). I finished in a good time and my heart was pounding.

The soreness in my booty and legs went away in my warm up, and I feel fantastic now. I'm wide awake, I'm in a great mood! Two of the guys at the gym asked if we could meet for regular Crossfit workouts in the afternoon. I think they saw me sweating profusely and wanted in on it :) I may take them up on it.

Revelations from this afternoon's workout:

-That's it, I'm officially addicted to Crossfit. Two weeks ago I was whining that I hated it, but now I know some of the movements, and I know most the lingo and what the abbreviations mean in the workouts. I LOVE it. All it took was me letting go of my ego, and just doing what I can do THAT day. It's very much like yoga in that regard.

-Being sore is not an excuse to skip a workout, it's a reason TO workout. Lactic acid isn't going anywhere while I sit on my butt, gotta flush it out! Coach Kent says there's no such thing as over-training, only under-recovery. (Oh lord, unleash the SparkWrath. Yes I realize this goes against what mainstream fitness organizations preach. So be it.)

-Being out of my element is scary, but the payoff for completing the workout is far greater than possibly looking dumb in front of strangers. And hey, I made new workout buds in the process!

Something else awesome that happened fairly recently:

-The pole studio was closed for a whole month while they moved into a bigger space. I didn't touch the pole at all, only did crossfit for my workouts. Day 1 I was goofing off and trying a trick that I thought was SUPER hard, and got it first try!! The last time I worked the trick I could barely get my feet off the ground. That means my plan is working :) The CrossFit-Yoga-Pole trifecta is showing results!

-Scissor climb. This is a pole climb where you get into a basic sit, then straighten and open your legs while pulling yourself up. Close legs, move hands up, repeat. Might be easier to grasp the idea if you YouTube it. Basically it's pretty pullups. If I can do this, then I can do a deadhang pullup and vice versa. Will practice a few tonight.

-Double-unders. This exercise shows up in a lot of metcons. It's jumping rope, but you let the rope pass under your feet twice every bound. I can barely jump rope regularly. If I knew it would be a skill I'd need later I wouldn't have given it up in 2nd grade. Working on this a little at a time.

-Chopper dismount. We worked on this on Monday at pole. Again, if you'd like to see what it looks like, YouTube it up. I got to the point where I was upside down in a handstand, removed one leg for butterfly, then..... got scared and froze up. I don't feel like I have the strength to hold myself up in a one-armed handstand. I'm scared I'll crash and knock my skull on the floor. I'll work on this at home on the nice plushy carpet. Rugburns are preferable to broken bones.

Well that's all for now... just wanted to check in when I was having a GOOD day for once. Go work out. NOW. Even if you're sore or tired or just want to sit on your couch. DO IT.



Member Comments About This Blog Post:
LOLATURTLE 10/11/2013 9:34AM

    yaaaay! smoochies. :)

Makes sense that lots of variety ST would help with pole stuff! Glad it's working!
Someday I would love to try pole... I feel like I need to not be 70+pounds overweight, plus lots more upper body strength before I'll ever be able to lift myself! but maybe someday. :)

glad you're doing so well!

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RUDITUDI2000 10/9/2013 5:40PM

    emoticon about the comment Coach Kent made! I was sore this am, thinking of skipping my bodyweight workout. I did it anyway, figuring I could stop if I felt like an injury was coming about. NO! I totally felt awesome just after the warmup! You go girl with your bad Crossfit self! So excited for you. Someday, I will try it! Until then, I watch your blogs and enjoy your activity and cheer you on! emoticon You rock!

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