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My Ghost has Struck Again!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

A little background first -
In 1996 we moved to a cute cape cod home built in the 1930's. We were the second owners. The first owners were a couple, no children, who lived there from the time it was built. The husband had died 18 years earlier and his wife died about a year and a half before we bought the house.

Within 6 months of moving in odd things began to happen - the VCR would turn on by itself even though the remote was tucked away in a drawer, my favorite paring knife disappeared, 5 forks disappeared, we'd hear footsteps in the second bedroom when nobody was up there, a small lamp shade vanished (only to reappear about 2 weeks later).

One night as I was getting ready for bed my cat, who was waiting in the hall outside the bathroom, kept staring into the second bedroom like he was watching something. I took a look and saw something cross the doorway and go into the wall. I went over to check (my cat refused to follow me like he usually did), and there was nothing there.

I went to bed one night and felt someone get in with me. Thinking it was a kitty I reached out to pet him and there was nothing there! That became a nightly thing, I'd get in bed and turn out the light and very shortly would feel someone sit on the side of the bed and lay down. Eventually that stopped and it switched to my husband. Every time he went to bed for the entire 9 years we lived there!

One day we were talking to a neighbor who knew the lady who used to own the house. We didn't tell her any of this. In the conversation she said that "Mary" loved that house so much that she said she'd never leave. We then told her what was happening. She thought about it and said "I believe that, she is still there."

When we moved 8 years ago we thought we'd left Mary behind. However, since we've been here we've had more episodes, not as often, but they are still happening - 3 of the forks that went missing years ago reappeared in the drawer! DH has felt her get in bed a few times. Half of my kitchen towels disappeared and today ALL of my washcloths vanished! Except for the one that I just tossed in the wash! I've looked everywhere for both the kitchen towels and the washcloths and they are nowhere in the house.

Apparently Mary has moved with us. I guess she likes us better than the guy who bought the house from us! My Mom thinks its scary. It's not scary at all. Every time something happens I tell her to stop it and give it back. In all these years she's only returned the little lamp shade and a few forks.

It tickles me, it all seems harmless. I'll just keep talking to her, maybe she'll give back some more stuff.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    haha, nice blog!
    you can say you have a.... pet ghost! :D
    i guess she is a good spirit though... moving out with you, returning your stuff, following you everywhere you go... she's a sweetheart! :p
    1443 days ago
    We grew up with a ghost that my mum called Mr Brown. He had lived in our 1930's house until my parents bought it off him and his wife. He didn't want to move but his wife insisted. The haunting started when I was about 5. I never saw anything, even though I tried, but you would hear the front door softly close, then footsteps went up the stairs, and across the dining room ceiling, which was my bedroom floor. It was not at all frightening, but a normal part of our lives. We assumed that he had died and moved back in.
    1447 days ago
    Oh my! I do believe in the spirits but that would spook me if I moved and it continued @ the new home!

    Interesting. HUGS!
    1447 days ago
  • CR_EDWARDS_2015
    Oh dear...lol, I have mixed feelings about how I think I would react to Mary. I do believe in ghosts 100%, and I LOVE watching about them on TV and reading stories. I find them absolutely fascinating....then there's that side of me that gets chills down my spine with just the thought of encountering one myself. If I was laying in bed, and felt "someone" get into bed with me, I think I would flip out! :o) Though I think they are fascinating, I do not want to "meet" one. It is cool that Mary followed you, and I also think it is very cool that you accept her. I am sure Mary is harmless and is/was a sweet lady. :o) Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! I love it!
    1447 days ago
    OMG! How awesome! I think that is so sweet. Thank you for sharing. I would be talking up a storm with Mary. emoticon
    1447 days ago
    Cool, thanks for sharing emoticon
    1447 days ago
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