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How many races can a woodchuck race?

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

I know, that doesn't make any sense, but hey, it's late and I'm basically taking today's post from my sister who posted on this same thing earlier.

My Fairy Run Mother has been a busy, busy fairy, signing us up for race after race after race. Our fall and early winter are filling up with races and it's starting to feel a bit crazy (or cray-cray as my youngest is fond of saying). First I'll share the line up and then I'll reveal how bad this really is.

I recently mentioned that we are training for a half marathon in January. Upon further inspection we discovered that the race was part of a trifecta of races so we decided to jump in with both feet.

First up, a 5k THIS Saturday. The Hometown Heroes Race in Riverside (which is local as I've mentioned before). This race benefits and honors fallen and wounded Police heroes. So excited to be a part of this inaugural run. Funny story about this one. I'm telling my husband about this new race and he interrupts me and says "I know about that one" and starts to tell me what I was going to tell him AND THEN SOME. My non-running husband had the inside scoop on this one and knew more than I did! He laughed at the look of amazement on my face and when I asked he explained that a member of our church, who happens to be a police officer, was involved with this race and had told him all about it. Who says the church ladies have a lock on talking. The church men chit-chat as much as we do if not more-lol.

After that we get a short running reprieve until November 2nd when we have another 5k. This time the Awesome 80's run in San Diego. This one should be fun and easy and just a great time.

Not much of a break before the next one on November 10th, this time a 10k. This run is the Mission Inn run. A return to the location of my first, horrible half-marathon. At least the 10k route does NOT go for several miles down a hot, windy, dusty, wind tunnel of a river bed. That was the WORST and by running the 10k instead of the half we get to totally skip that part. This is the second race in the trifecta.

A bit of a break now before we head to Pomona on December 14th for the Holiday Half Marathon 5k with the kids for a kids race. This is a race I've done two years now and am very excited for this new year. This will also be my son's second 5k and my sister's first year joining us at this race. Always a fun time multiplied this year.

Finally, January 11th it all culminates in the half-marathon running through orange groves. Finish this one and we receive a special medal for completing the trifecta of races.

So, there is our running schedule through January. Five races in four months. Crazy!! As I said the other night, this training combined with diet and other exercise had BETTER result in a lighter me or this schedule just might kill me (not really, smart enough to stop if it gets crazy, but think this can work).

So, wanna know just how bad I have racing fever? Tonight, just about 45 minutes ago I was looking at the web site for our local parks and recreation district (aka Valley-Wide Parks and Recreation). I was SUPPOSED to be looking at possible dance/gymnastics/martial arts classes for my kids. Youngest got to go to dance with a friend tonight and is enchanted and I'm trying to find out just how deep we'll be in debt if we sign each child up for their heart's desire. In my searching I stumbled upon the posting for this year's Turkey Trot. $10 for a 5k and $7 for each kid's 1k. I've done the Bunny hop twice now and it is a fun, small, no big deal, race. Just a bunch of people out for a run in the hills at the same time. I'm thinking we should do this race too. Guess what though? This race is on November 16th. So, to sum up, I'd run a race on November 2nd (5k), a race on November 10th (10k) and then another 5k on November 16th. 3 races in 15 days, along with half training meaning that I'd probably have to cover some miles sometime during the day of both Saturday races (or at least one of them depending on how the schedule is going). Crazy?

So, how many races can a woodchuck race, if a woodchuck would run races? I don't have the answer, but I'm starting to wonder how many races a mom could race is a mom took her kids with her and made them run too :).
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