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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

My mind is all over the place tonight. Politics, my mom, fitness, food, sleep, books I am reading, etc. I spent all afternoon driving my mom around, and still managed to walk 9.3 miles and do a little yoga. I took Cooper out for his last walk of the night and he insisted on taking a longer, faster walk than I intended. He is loving these cooler temps. I am getting anxious about the whole political thing. That is all I have to say about that, because anything else would be flagged "inappropriate". While mom and I were out we hit our usual grocery stores and farm stands, plus one extra, where we found the cutest little butternut squash for only 10 cents apiece. We got 10 of them, so we spent a whole dollar. LOL... I am in the middle of reading two books. One I have read before (Hot Six, by Janet Evanovich). It is a fast, easy read. I also started a historical romance today while I was waiting for mom at the wound clinic.

Tomorrow I have to drive for my mom again in the afternoon. She is doing a mediation. So, I have the car again. It is easier if I just drive the car home, so I have it already the next day when I need to pick her up. Her reaction times are pretty slow, so we really don't want her driving. She thinks she will be driving again soon, but I am hoping she decides to take advantage of my willingness to drive her places for quite a while... maybe forever.

As you can tell, I am having trouble focusing tonight, so I am going to grab a snack and one of my books and snuggle with the dog while I read. I am still sniffling and snarfling, so it will probably be another early night.
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