Baby Brain!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Thank you, everyone, for all the well wishes!

I forgot how absolutely brain dead you get at times when you are pregnant! I can't concentrate on anything!! Did I take my prenatals? I think so..I'm not sure! Did I turn the stove off? I believe I did. IDK. Where are the boys? Did I just ask you where the boys were? AAHHHH!!!

And my headaches are unreal!! I usually only get them in the evening but they have me down for the rest of the night. Hubby got upset yesterday evening bc we were trying to finish up the Halloween decorations and I was laid out on the couch in pain, falling asleep! I'm sure it has something to do with my hormones.

I'm trying not to stress too much about my weight and eating. I eat pretty healthy for the majority of the time. I'm just SO. HUNGRY. ALL. THE. TIME!! I need to start carrying healthy snacks in my purse for when I'm 'starving' between meals. I just don't have any idea what I want!! I'm worried I'm eating too much, then not enough. I need to find a healthy balance somewhere!

My last pregnancy (5 yrs ago!) I only gained 20 lbs. I'm trying to remember what all I did and ate during that time but it was such a long time ago! I need to stop over thinking everything and just enjoy the pregnancy. Since I found out I am pregnant I've been feeling much better! I'm not tired all the time, I haven't been sick at all! Just a bad case of heart burn!

I had them check my thyroid levels again to make sure everything was ok. I never got a definite diagnosis when they were looking into it last time. My levels are good right now but they are going to keep an eye on it every couple of months.

I'm going to get a walk in this afternoon and then if my head allows, I found this pregnancy workout I'd like to try. I do not want to gain like I did with my first two! But I feel like I'm being obsessive about gaining!

Sorry if this was a jumbled mess! I'm having a bad case of baby brain right now!
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    LOL!!! It brought back many memories of similar situations with my pregnancy!!!
    1435 days ago
    I have the same problem...I can't remember anything! I have to keep my calendar up to date, adding things as they come in. If it's not on my calendar, I won't be there.

    I started preparing a boatload of healthy snacks on Sundays after I do my grocery shopping so I have cut up fruit and veggies in the fridge ready to go if I'm hungry...just grab a baggie of grapes or a bowl of sliced strawberries. I eat all day, but still stay pretty well in my calorie range. I'm looking like I'll end at a 40 lb gain though, since I'm already at 32lb up at 33 wks. We'll see. My gain looks like it's all baby.
    1445 days ago
    Best wishes!!
    1446 days ago
  • NH_MOM
    I gained 64 lbs and 52 lbs with the first two and the end weight before their birth was 223 lbs(I didn't lose all from #1 before #2 came along). With #3 I ate w/in my calorie range much better and only gained 40 lbs so I ended up w/20 to lose after. It took me about 16 months to do it but now I'm at maintenance and don't plan on having any more. So I guess try to watch what you eat, but don't obsess and exercise w/in limits. Do you drink enough water? I didn't know if maybe that's part of why you get headaches. Good luck and I hope everything goes smoothly. emoticon

    PS My kids weighed in order - 11 lbs 4 oz, 9 lbs 12 oz & 8 lbs 14 oz - all were C-section b/c I have a narrow pelvis.
    1447 days ago
    I do not miss the baby brain at all, lol. I gained 22 pounds with the first, about 27 with the second and 30 with the last. You are right though - enjoy and don't stress
    1447 days ago
    Sounds like you are focussing, well done you!
    I gained 20 with the first, 30 with the second and 40 with the 3rd. There wasn't a 4th!
    I can remember not being able to lift myself up with number 3 and swearing to get back into shape - which I haven't yet - and he's 21 now.
    So keep at it!!
    All the best.
    1447 days ago
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