The Strange Year

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Some years are just stranger than others it seems! I started off the new year with a shoulder injury (I also learned a lesson that you do not run on trains), and it took a lot longer to heal up than I expected. So here I was, being impatient, not giving myself proper time for healing and trying to workout like there wasn't an issue. Basically, I kept aggravating the injury.

This does not mean the year did not have some super positive things. I volunteered as a walk leader for a local 10km race and was able to help others reach their goals. Very rewarding and fun! But I had to cut my workout schedule down by a lot while I waited for my shoulder to get back to normal (lots of intense massage therapy session included!). I cut my running down to walking, and my running buddy outgrew my pace and distance pretty quickly. Now, I am very happy for her and so pleased that she's running half-marathons, but it does feel a bit sad to be left out and fall so far behind. I didn't *want* this to set me back though, so I tried to find a new solution. I needed to keep moving and I hate walking alone, thus I asked my partner if he would walk with me. He tried, but he wasn't able to be consistent.

This all happened from about January to mid-April. I might not have been walking as much as I wanted to, but at least I still had my workout studio. Things were looking up, my shoulder was doing well, things were feeling back to normal and then a new blow happened: the studio closed!

Now, I had been accustom to bootcamp, aerial yoga, dancing and stretch classes four times a week, and suddenly I was feeling very much alone feeling. It was the start of May, the 10k race was over, no run buddy, no studio. Working out was my social time and the rug had been completely removed! In a panic I sent a text to a nice woman I had met while volunteering and asked if I could join her for yoga. Thankfully she said yes! (This was a huge blessing to me because I have gotten so much out of this class.)

Three weeks of lethargy and I ended up with insomnia! Putting this on paper is a bit crazy for me. Realizing all of this happened. I spent about a month on very little sleep. The more I wanted to sleep, the less I slept. Vicious cycle. Plus it made me pretty cranky. I knew that part of the solution was to get moving more than once a week for yoga. That's when I came up with a plan to combat my dislike of walking alone.

I live rather far from my parents and talk to my Mum regularly, so I would pop in my phone's headset and walk around the neighbourhood while we chatted. This was great for a while! Multitasking so I had company for walks. I did get a few strange looks from other pedestrians though as it appeared like I was talking to myself. I wasn't fully back to normal, but this was definitely better than before. Of course another "but" is about to butt its way in. This actually should have been entirely awesome (and there are definitely some awesome parts).

I visited my parents this summer (yeah!) and my anxiety reared its ugly head like you would not believe (boo...). It threw me for a loop. It's never a good thing and I can normally manage it quite well, but I had all these random things happening and they were all my well known triggers! Just one after another until they eventually wore me down. The worst of the days were very difficult and it was not something I would wish upon anyone. This visit was intense and I was *not* prepared for it. Holy stress, batman. That visit happened in August and I have started to feel back to normal about two or two and a half weeks ago. Thankfully the stress and anxiety has been on a consistent decline since it's peak in late August, manageable would be a way to put it.

What does all this mean? I gained weight. Clothing still fits, but barely, and my running tights show a smidge more than they should! But I still have 1/4 of the year left and I'm going to make sure that the rest of this strange year is a good strange year, and that I begin 2014 at the same weight I started off this year with.

My lovely partner has started to seriously invest in working out and we have gotten out at least 3 times a week for walk/running. We're both at the same level right now and it's nice to not feel left behind. Three days is so much better than no days! I've signed up for a belly dancing course at the end of this month. Core, cardio and fun? I'm in! I'm still attending yoga, it's been far more meaningful than I ever expected it to be. I feel that it really helped to centre me while I was going through all of this.

Change is not my favourite, and I had a lot thrown at me this year, but I've grown so much as a person that I didn't let it suck the life out of me.
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    I'm happy to see that you found a way out of this vicious circle. It always seem that when you start spinning around, there will be no way out.

    I was walking with a friend too some nights of the week. Her dad got sick and her priorities changed. It left me lonely. I like your idea of walking and talking on the phone at the same time. I usually listen to music.

    Anyhow, emoticon emoticon . You're so much worth it!
    1619 days ago
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