Tuesday, October 08, 2013

There was a loud crackling noise in the sky as the thunder rolled through the clouds. I threw my head back, admiring the storm above. The sky was dark with flashes of white sparking throughout with each bolt of lightening following behind the thunder. It was beautiful. After the storm, you will find peace. I smiled as the sound boomed through the quiet neighborhood. And in that moment I felt at one with the storm as the pain inside of me slowly began to seep out.
Nicole Sobon, No Place Like Home

Feelings of happiness can depend on many things. First, we need to feel safe and secure and have our physical needs met. After this, we can focus on our emotions and feelings. Happiness and joy arrive when we feel a sense of love, purpose and belonging.

As a cancer fighter, stress anxiety can sneak up on me and put a damper on my level of happiness. I may have good days and bad days as I physically and emotionally deal with treatment, side effects, recovery and anxiety about my future.

Sometimes the anxiety and worry about cancer takes over my thoughts I understand this is normal. However, instead of hanging on to the negative thoughts, I try to practice this. Every day I set aside 10-15 minutes, sometimes I call it my worry time, and focus on my main concerns. I write my worries down in a journal or talk about them with someone else. I recognize them as things I can't control and then move on to more positive thoughts. This puts anxiety in its place and still allows me time to get the negative thoughts out of my mind.

My goal is to have more positive, happy days instead of days filled with sadness and negative emotions. Here are a few ideas I have found that help to guide me:

Focus on the positive. Think about the good things that are happening at the moment.

Spend quality time with the ones I love. Go for a walk with my partner, make a phone call and laugh with a friend, go to a movie, or arrange a lunch outing to get my mind back on the things that matter most. Really just simple things!

Reflect on who I am and what makes me unique and special? These thoughts have helped me with my sense of purpose and belonging.

I remain present in each moment. I take time to feel, see, hear and touch the world around me.

Everyone has moments of uncertainty, this makes us human. However, finding my own sense of happiness can make a liberating difference.

I really hope that those of you who read this can see that I am writing this as a cancer fighter! And that is not surprising...but looking back I realize that this is exactly what I practiced when I was losing weight and carried me to my goal and finally 100+ weeks of successful maintenance.....

It really works! And over the years I have had successes and failures, but boy has it instilled in me the tools that I now need to fight with! Take a minute today and identify what happiness is to you...what it means and take the first step!!!!!!! Then no matter if you are facing any obstacle whether a disease, weight loss issues,partner loss, or emotional and financial issues you will have to tools to get yourself back on track!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KENWANNE2013
    emoticon blog thank you. Love the idea of spending some time focusing on your worries and then putting them aside and getting on with other things.

    1557 days ago
  • FISHER011
    Thank you for the awesome blog! I love Happiness quotes & anything to do with Happiness emoticon Your blog is awe Inspiring Beautiful!
    I have saved the part of your blog about the journaling about the worries...I have saved your entire blog because it is so wonderful & helpful emoticon emoticon
    Bless you on your journey! You are in my thoughts & prayers!
    ~Love~ &~ Hugs~
    emoticon emoticon
    1558 days ago
    Thank you for getting me to think about what makes me happy. I've been getting caught up in things around me and letting me stress about them lately. This helps me step back and do some deep thinking. emoticon
    1560 days ago
    Beautiful Blog.

    When I went through my chemo I tried to stay positive but like normal people I had my bad times. I had a couple days each treatment cycle, where the side effects to the chemo was at its worse. My mom would call and read to me over the phone. She lives about 9 hours away and wasn't able to be here so this was a way she could keep my spirits up!
    1561 days ago
    Very well said, and I need to remember all of this the next time I have to have a scan, which I suspect, may be coming up very soon.

    I am getting better, living with cancer as long as I have, with trying not to worry about things I have no control over, but I still have a long way to go. I have also learned that even when I get scan results back that are not good news, by the time I talk to my doctor I find that most of the time, things are still not as bad as my imagination made them out to be.
    1561 days ago
  • WILDKAT781
    1561 days ago
    thanks so much love your positive attitude
    1561 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    emoticon Love this blog! On even our worse days there is always a glimmer of positive coming our ways. Sometimes we have to dig for it..but it's there. Have a very special day. emoticon
    1561 days ago
    I love the picture and quotes. Its wonderful to watch nature's beauty and just take a deep breath
    1561 days ago
  • DJSHIP46
    I believe that our positive focus is the single most important thing we can do for ourselves... I'm very glad to know that with all you're handling that you are working to keep a positive outlook. I'm having cataract surgery later this morning... I know it will all be just fine, but I still find that I have to redirect my tendency to worry more frequently as the time approaches. emoticon
    1561 days ago
    That is life If we wait for the perfect time we will never be happy Life is whot you make of whot you got Hang in there my friend God be with you To me peace is an important emoticon emoticon gift Peace to you
    1561 days ago
    That is truly a beautiful blog and I can tell that it has come from the heart. Too many times we are out to "seek the answer" when it really isn't there, but if we just take some time each and every day as you do to find the peace within ourselves and the simple beauty around us I think we would all find power and strength in things we never knew were there. Thank you for helping us to peek inside ourselves to find our own happiness. God bless you in your journey toward health and real happiness emoticon
    1561 days ago
    What a beautiful and inspiring blog, Jean! It is focused on the theme of happiness and I just loved it. emoticon
    I saved the second thought you listed because it is SO true and so very important. I know that when I feel good about myself and am happy, most things that are meant to be bothersome, aren't and what a great feeling!

    I LOVE your worry time journal! I will do the same for me at night, when I have the most problems with this. emoticon And have yourself a HAPPY and PEACEFUL day. You deserve AND you are capable. God bless you, Jean!


    1561 days ago
    emoticon blog! Very emoticon

    The process of writing down all your worries at one time and in one place is really a good idea - once they are written down, if frees your mind to go to other places.

    You truly are an impressive person - emoticon
    1561 days ago
  • GABY1948
    emoticon this is a perfect way to deal with things. And you really made me THINK about what others are actually going through that aren't "outwardly apparent". I pray peace and health for you God Bless you! emoticon
    1561 days ago
    you are such a courageous person. I admire your way of dealing with everything going on in your life. My prayers are with you and I know you can win this battle because you are a survivor. emoticon you are truly emoticon
    1561 days ago
    I love the quotes about happiness. Sometimes I need that reminder.
    1561 days ago
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