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food is joy

Monday, October 07, 2013

The fatter I get the more I desire fattening foods. My life is so up and down I use food as comfort. I used to have more will power. I am hurting myself by shoving unnecessary calories into my pie whole. I will have to work even harder to get rid of the rubbish I am eating right now.

I am just not sure how I will stop eating all this junk when I am medicating myself with food. I feel as if I deserve to eat whatever i want.


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ANGORA4 10/10/2013 12:07AM

    Isn't it sad the lies we believe, this is one we often get sucked into. . ."but I deserve it". What you deserve is health and strength and self respect and energy and the ability to do more of the things you really love. The lie gives us two minutes of guilty pleasure, and a lot more minutes of regret. Sticking with the plan, having healthy foods you enjoy handy, and small portions of treats really helps.

Do a test. Take your favorite feel good food. Take that first scrumptious bite. Ummmm. Now the next. . .good, but not as good. By the third bite, you're mostly eating trying to recover the joy of the first bite. The rest of the bites are habit, not pleasure. So, if you're tempted by a special treat, instead of eating a thousand calories trying to eat around the craving, and then binging on the craved food anyway in the end, adding even more calories--try the FlyLady approach.

She says that when she goes to eat, she orders dessert, one plate only for her and her friends together. They each take one bite, and then throw down their forks (so they're not tempted to use them again.) They had the pleasure of the treat, and then stopped. I prefer two bites, for optimum flavor. After that, the rest is mostly just habit anyway. Try packing two bite bags as treats, you get the flavor you crave, without a ton of guilt and calories. And since your body doesn't feel so deprived, it may stave off the "I deserve it" binges. After all, you got it!

You are worth doing what it takes to succeed. Find ways to distract yourself with things other than food, like a book, a hobby, a new challenge. Reward yourself for taking control of your life. Can you go five more minutes without the treat? Who's in charge, you or the treat (yes, as I type a family member's uneaten cookie is calling to me from the kitchen, I understand the siren call of the treat. That's why I'm here typing and not in the kitchen! Out of sight, out of mind, at least to a greater degree!)

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FITMARY 10/8/2013 5:00AM

    Don't give up! It's so hard to break those habits, especially when you are tired, but if you keep trying, you WILL get there! And eating better makes us feel better!

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  I know how you feel. I find that when I do something I shouldn't...I take a moment to remind myself that this is a perfect moment to start fresh and get back on track.

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IGNITEME101 10/7/2013 11:21PM

    Been there - done that.
Don't give up, though.
I discovered when I finally hit bottom it was all uphill regarding my motivation, my disgust for excess gas and bloating, etc.

I lose (life qualities) if I quit, I gain (life qualities) when I stick with it.

Life quality leads to losing weight, inches and gaining self-esteem.

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FENWAYGIRL18 10/7/2013 11:16PM

    maybe you should take up a hobby that keeps your hands busy and mind like crocheting or knitting... chew gum when you get the urge to eat or go brush your teeth nothing tastes good after that ...
Good luck it's tough, I wish you the best on your journey! emoticon emoticon

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