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That one friend.

Monday, October 07, 2013

In the era of social media, it's easier to see certain thoughts that come through frequently. I know some of us may have lost a few friends during the last election, I know I did, but now there are different thoughts coming through frequently by certain people.

"Look at this cupcake, I'm so spoiled", "Ooh, we're eating out again! Yay!", "Look at the yummy stuff hubby brought home!", "Pie, Donuts, and Cookies, oh my".

I cringe every time I see these thoughts and know that I shouldn't say anything because these friends are just not ready to hear the way to health. They're happy gaining more and more weight, even when they post about how the kids say "you're fat, but I still love you mommy". I'd love to just embrace these people and tell them there's a better way and you can still have some treats to go along with it, just not every day or every meal.

I'm not sure if it's denial or if they're trying to counteract the posts I put on my page about why GMO's are bad for us or how to eat healthy without being deprived.

I can't push being fit toward those people, they won't listen anyhow, they're not ready. All I can do is share things to my page and hope that when they're ready, they'll read a few of the articles and maybe even ask me how. I can not call them out on their weight, they already know they're fat. No one really doesn't know they're fat, if they're like me, they're simply in denial about the long term issues that weight can cause.

If I push, it will just take longer for them to realize that they can be happy and slimmer too. It's like when you don't like the date your child brings home (or worse yet the one you never meet) and you immediately tell them why they're wrong for your child. They hold on to that relationship longer than they would if you just go along with it and are there for them when it's over.

I'm just glad that in Minnesota certain things are really fads. You don't see a Krispy Kreme donut shop around anymore, they were lined up around the block for the first few months, but then they just couldn't stand up to the grocery store donut after the fad (funny thing is that one of them is now a health food store now). There is a cupcake shop or two that are really popular right now, but I'll bet that it'll only hold up for a year or two until the fad dies down. Sweets are fun for a while, but we do fads around here. The only good bakery that holds up the test of time is one that does a variety of things, just cupcakes will only be fleeting. I see a ton of my friends posting pictures of their daily stash of cupcakes, but I know they'll stop loving them and going out of their way for them.

Even though I cringe when I see those posts, I know I won't say anything. I hope that this friend will see the issues before they really start bothering her. It doesn't have to be sweets=love. We know that love=health and the ability to be independent for life.

Today's Holidays: Bathtub Day, Bald and Free Day, World Habitat Day and National Frappe Day.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BRENDA_G50
    emoticon Until someone is really ready to change, no amount of begging, pleading, or anything else will help to change them. You made a valid point when you in essence said that if you try to push them into something they're not ready for, it will backfire on you. emoticon
    1625 days ago
  • XRSIZE18
    It's so easy sometimes, when we have made the conscious decision to get healthy and start eating nutritious foods to forget that we were all right in cupcake-status-posting-land and one point, too.

    I think you're spot on when you say that you can't force things on people, but can be there to help when they decide to make healthy choices for themselves.
    1625 days ago
  • GRAMMY7070
    People have to really want a healthy lifestyle for themselves. Until they realize it, they will never change.
    1625 days ago
    Everyone has to find their own motivation for getting healthy. Your friends may never find theirs and I know it makes you feel sad, but just be glad you found YOUR motivation! Meanwhile, keep on posting about your healthy lifestyle -- maybe someday one of your posts will just hit home for your friends. And make sure you post photos of your daily stash of veggies emoticon

    1626 days ago
    Despite being such an intelligent race, you sometimes have to wonder why it takes an "Ah Ha" moment for most of us to realise we need to do something - be it about our weight, finances, relationships etc.
    I hope in time people look at your writings and see them for what they are - intelligent, balanced, insightful and humble.
    Krispy Kreme are in the UK but the supermarkets give them a run for their money. You can usually get a bag of jam doughnuts (6) for a £1 ($0.65) at the supermarkets!

    1626 days ago
    No one can change unless they're ready to change. That goes for weight loss, depression, anxiety, finances, love, etc.

    No amount of talking honestly to someone will convince them. It's unfortunate.
    1626 days ago
  • KAREN608
    I honestly have never eaten one of those fancy cupcakes. Looks like too much frosting to me...

    In our small town, there are three cafe locations around the square that keep changing hands every six months to a year. Most think sandwiches and cinnamon rolls are what people want. $6 for one sandwich, in a town with few jobs, none well paying! No one does any market research, asking people what they'd want and what price they would pay so that they'd come back.

    A place opened up selling Mexican food only, painted the building, and in three months closed. I never got into town to try it out.

    Today at group a lady brought almond bars to 'get rid of' which means she got on the scale this morning...!

    1626 days ago
    My mom was one of those people who loved to roll her eyes at my health-conscious ways. She took pride in adding more butter to a piece of a toast than I would, in eating an extra handful of chips, or whatever. But once she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, she had a change of heart.

    No amount of talking to my mother would change her mindset. She needed a scary diagnosis to help her change her thinking.

    We can never change anyone but ourselves (and even then it's hard!).
    1626 days ago
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