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Snails better watch out!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Last night ( Saturday, October 5th, 2013) at 9 p.m. I was sitting on the floor of my Mom's bedroom and I was telling her about an article I had read in a women's magazine that explained that depending when you walked it had different benefits and challenges. I went on to comment that I would need to walk in the morning and at night to really make a difference. My mom then remarked , okay so let's go and walk. I was bewildered because she never wants to go for a walk. I asked her "are you serious?, now at 9 p.m.?" Her response was , "why not ? are you afraid of the boogie man?" That was all I needed. I told her not at all, I jumped up , got out of my P.J.s. and got dressed for a very cool night, and off we went. It was a slow walk that is a bit hilly and rather dark and a whole 1.43 km or .887 miles. But it was the most either of us had done in a long time. Man did I sleep well that night! The next morning, I asked my mom if she wanted to try it out again but this time in the daylight? She told me she was too tired , so I decided to do the trek alone. I took a different route, that ended up being the same distance, but I was not alone. My cat Cleo, decided to follow me on the walk that while it was the same distance was quite more hilly. Cleo and I walked and enjoyed the breeze, the sites and sounds together. I'm sure we were quite a site ourselves! When I arrived home after the walk, my thighs were burning and I was so energized. It was strange but nice! After dinner I went and bugged my Mom for an evening walk, after all she promised and I insisted. We repeated the walk from the previous night, a whole 1.43 km! I think I will be doing these walks as much as possible. I am quite aware that on the days I go to work the morning walks will not happen but I will be wearing my pedometer to work to calculate how much walking I do there. And when the heavy snows come I will have to find somewhere else to walk but all in all I think the snails will have to watch out! Heck, even the tortoises better be on guard as well because I will start where I am but will be going full steam ahead in no time flat! emoticon emoticon
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