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Day 45 and 46 of Insanity!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Yesterday was Plyo day and today was Max recovery - both felt wonderful! Yesterday I pushed myself really hard - I think it was the best workout I've done all of Insanity. I did more jumping than ever, able to keep up better than ever, and able to push myself instead of babying out. Today during max recovery I had to take extra breaks, but it was legit - my arms were giving out on me during slow push ups, so rather than feeling disappointed I felt proud of how hard I worked my arms. There is a definite difference in my workouts when I do a weekend workout vs a weekday workout - when I do a weekday workout I foll out of bed and push play and start the workout before I'm fully awake. On the weekend I'm typically up and moving around for a little first, and I have a clearer head and I'm more focused on pushing myself. I thought about changing my workouts to after work, but I really think that it wouldn't be good because my after work nights at any time are able to be changed and I won't get my workout in. I may be asked to babysit the bebe's or do something for my Aunt or SOMETHING, and then miss a workout. Once I start T25, much shorter in time, I'll be able to get up early and have some time awake before the workouts and I'll see how much that helps.

Tomorrow is Cardio and then Core Balance, both of which I am looking forward to, and then I have a rest day and it's time for a fit test again. I skipped it last time because I didn't prepare enough for it, but this time I'll be prepared. I'm going to do the measurements and fit test in the morning before work, and then I'll do the actual workout when I get out of work. I can't believe it's the last fit test until the very last day of the program. So far it's just flown by! Don't get me wrong, I feel like I've worked hard, but I can't believe that in just 2 1/2 weeks I'll be done Insanity, and then I have 2 1/2 weeks until I start T25. I'm thinking that during that 2 1/2 week gap I'll follow a Chalean extreme program and jogging until my 5K on November 2nd, and then Chalean and Insanity for the next week until I come back from my birthday trip and start T25. I just found out that as of right now all 3 bebe's are coming on my birthday weekend!!! So excited! They are such a hoot to have around!

I measured myself yesterday to see what was going on, and my numbers are all over the place. I have such a difficult time measuring myself - remembering where I measured myself previously, not holding the measuring tape too tightly, etc, etc. I don't think measuring myself is a very good tracker for me either, just like the scale. I refuse to be measured by someone else - guess I'll just be using my workouts and clothing as a tracker, which I'm ok with because 1) It's not a race, progress is progress, as long as I'm being healthy I'm happy and 2) It's a lifestyle, so I won't be ruled by measurements and scales, just by personal victories.

Hope you all had a Sparktastic weekend!!
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    Be so proud of yourself! You're doing wonderful!

    Would it be possible for you to take about 5 minutes to step outside and breath some fresh air deeply to help you wake up on weekdays? 5 minutes isn't much time, but the fresh air, the early morning (even overnight sounds), or even the silence (if you're lucky enough to live in a quiet area) can be helpful to wake up the mind and the body. You could also try some yoga sun salutations (nothing difficult, just some simple stretches to help increase blood flow in the body) for 5 minutes. We tend to forget that it is healthy and natural to stretch out our arms, legs, back, neck, etc after we've been in the same position for a long time. If you've ever seen an animal waking up from a nap and stretching, it's because that's what's healthy. You don't want to do a big stretching routine because your muscles aren't warmed up, but just stretch out in a few directions and that may help.

    Would it be possible to take a picture (using a timer) of where you're placing the measuring tape? That would help remind you where you've set it. Also, have you read the guide to measurements here on SP? It is helpful. Check it out. If you can't find it, let me know.

    BTW, you're doing it! You are changing your habits and changing your life to be healthier. That's awesome! You're capable of so much greatness when you push yourself to do your best.
    1505 days ago
    You are killing Insanity!! Woo Hoo!!!
    1505 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    emoticon on your workouts.
    I have a hard time with measurements too but I still try to do them every month. It can help if you make a note of where, I do measure from a certain spot like from elbow to biceps to make sure I'm at least close to previous but if I remember right, there is an article here telling you how and where.
    1505 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1506 days ago
  • GINAC0
    I don't measure either, for that reason. Don't really know 'how'. I do weigh myself, only weekly though, to prevent myself from going crazy from the unpredictable numbers.
    1506 days ago
    Way to go! Am doing Insanity too but as a hybrid with Rev Abs. I don't measure or weigh myself either these days - I just go by my clothes and how they fit. It is a lot less stressful than the unforgiving scale. Have a Sparktastic week ahead yourself and here's to pushing through.
    1506 days ago
  • UFEDAK85
    Lol, I have that issue too when I'm measuring myself. Especially in my waist. Where I measured the first time is more than likely not where I measured the next time! :P

    I love the last part of your blog. Yes, this whole journey is not a race and this journey is a lifestyle, not a temporary fix. As long as you do your best every day and continue to do your best, that's all that matters!

    You are doing great things! Keep it up!
    1506 days ago
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