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Making Time for Juno!!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Friday morning, I substitute taught for my favorite teaching position--reading interventionist. The teacher there has some health problems and requests me when she is going to be gone, which is a nice compliment. I enjoy working with those small groups of kids, and they're starting to get to know me too! The school is inner-city, so you deal with kids of all nationalities, and to be honest, I don't even notice that much anymore. I just love 'em all! The one college class I had to take to get my teaching certificate re-activated (just for sub teaching, I would have to take another 15 credit hours to get a REAL certificate, where I could apply for a full-time job in a school--but I'm really not interested in that--unless I could get that reading interventionist job!) was a multi-cultural education class. I think that was a very worthwhile class, and I learned a lot about discriminastion in this country in the early years, and it saddened me. I do not designated any schools at which I will NOT sub, even though we are given the option of picking which schools we will take. I have to drive a long ways to get to some of those schools, since I'm on an acreage southwest of town, but that's okay with me. It seems like the majority of my calls are to sub in the inner-city schools. I'm guessing some subs choose not to take jobs there. I don't mind those schools at all!

I met Du for lunch, as we do every Friday, then got home to Juno. I hate to leave her in the kennel too long, just because she is so spoiled. AND...I knew we had to go to a Husker volleyball game Friday night, and since Chris was out of town working, Juno would have to spend another few hours in her kennel. It makes me feel guilty. Du tells me "She is just a dog." But I know, from his horrendous grief at losing Lola, he doesn't think of her that way either. She is a family member, and has become our very pampered baby.

The volleyball team performed really well, sweeping a higher-ranked Minnesota Gopher team in 3 games. OUTSTANDING play by our young and different team. Most of our starters are freshman. We have two transfers from Tennessee, one is Kelsey Robinson, a senior All-American. I honestly don't think we'd have won any games at all this season without Kelsey. She is amazing player and an inspirational leader to the rest of the young team! She brought her junior setter from Tennessee with her, Mary Pollmiller, who is also a wonderful volleyball player. I was worried this would be a re-building year, since Nebraska lost so many seniors after last year, but so far so good. We only have two losses, and are undefeated (4-0) in the Big Ten, thus far!! GO BIG RED

Saturday morning I got up early to prepare some baked sweet & sour chicken to take along with us to some Friend's house. They had invited us over to watch the Husker Football game which began at 11. EARLY! I also made some baked barbecued chicken wings. YUM! Our friend had prepared chili, which was great on a COLD day, and I had half of one of her cinnamon rolls. It's really time for me to start saying no to these treats! At least I only ate half!?

We rescued Juno from her Kennel after the game (Another Husker victory!) and I cleaned up my kitchen mess from the chicken I had hurriedly prepared, and scrubbed Juno's kennel down, including washing her blankets. By the time I was done cleaning everything up, it was time to get ready for the second Husker volleyball game of the weekend. We left the house about 6, and headed to the Devaney Center to watch our Huskers defeat Wisconsin. This time it took them five games! Very Exciting!

When we got home, once again I felt badly for leaving Juno in her kennel so much. I played with her and she slept with me in my recliner, before I finally put her back in the kennel and headed up to bed about midnight. I was exhausted!

This morning, I finally got to sleep in, and didn't get up until 8:30 or so. Du was up early and tended to Juno but when I got out of the shower, they both came upstairs, and I got to play with my baby puppy for a minute, before dressing and coming downstairs for the day.

Today promises to be much quieter and I'm ready for some rest and relaxation. So far the KC Chiefs are winning their football game, so that is good. They are 4-0 this season, which doubles the number of wins they had ALL LAST SEASON! To say we are thrilled with their start this year, is an understatement. Right now, they are up 10-0, but it's not quite halftime yet and you never know what could happen in the second half!

I enjoyed the weekend, but am glad to be able to spend some time at home today with my little Juno. I also have nothing planned for today except to grill some steaks for supper (which Du handles anyway), and play with my little pup. I don't have a sub job tomorrow, but am lined up for a kindergarten class half a day on Tuesday. Then I have no teaching jobs until we get back from the Cancer Treatment Center, and I do not plan on accepting any more jobs. I'm tired and my puppy likes having me at home!!

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