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Saturday, October 05, 2013

I have The Spark! I have been using it for a couple of weeks now. I was on vacation last week so I didn't pay as much attention to anything computer related, I was busy having fun. I did wear it daily and it was fun to tap it to see how many lights I managed to light up for a walk in the woods.

The set up was simple. I made a user error typing in the address to begin with, but once I found the site it was easy. Even for a computer illiterate such as myself. It has a default set up of 6,000 steps for the goal. After really hurting my knee in August I had changed my goal to 5,000 steps. So, I easily changed the goal for myself.

This week I have gone over 7,000 steps several days so I think it is time to up the goal to give me a push. I find getting all the lights on The Spark to light up by the end of the day very motivating. Earlier in the week I was close to having all the lights on by the end of the day. there was a show on tv that my husband and I really wanted to watch. I found myself getting up and walking around the house during the commercials so I could get that last light to go on. The third set of commercials, I came back in the room to find my husband stepping in place! I can be a good role model and spread the spark! Who knew?

I received at least 3-4 trophies this week for getting all the lights on, and I really just started on October 1rst to keep track. So, aside from making me feel good for completing a goal, it reinforced the knowledge that I need to up my game a little.

You can wear The Spark on your shoe, in your pocket, on your belt, in your bra. I started out wearing mine in my pocket. I have used a Fitbit in the past and I always put it in my pocket. (Have to admit, I have been using both this week to compare) I felt I wasn't getting an accurate read in my pocket. I have always had less steps on my Fitbit than my husband when we went to the same place which I found very annoying. He pointed out to me (he keeps his in his pocket too) his pants pockets are deeper and looser than mine which maybe allows for a more accurate movement record? He figured these were probably designed by guys. So, I began clipping mine on my waistband all the time. Lo and behold, it made a difference. It also worked on my shoe, but I am not always wearing my shoes so the waistband works the best for me. The bra just doesn't seem like a comfortable option.

I have already seen results with The Spark. As I mentioned before it not only has me trying to make sure I get all my steps but has my husband trying to get more steps as well. There is a contest using The Spark this month. If you have 100,000 steps by the end of the month you have a chance at prizes! At first I thought 100,000 steps seemed unreachable but if you break it down it is only 3,226 steps a day. I will be well over 30% of that goal by the end of today and there is a lot of month left. So, still time for you to join in the fun. Your steps are automatically counted towards the goal when you set up your tracker.

I would recommend The Spark to anyone who wants to add a little fun to their workout. At the same time it will give you incentive to work a little harder. It connects wirelessly through your computer so is very simple, it records on your tracker for you.

I really like the recording and integration with my tracker. At first it wasn't sure what I had done for my workout. I thought it wasn't integrating correctly, but than I saw the question box asking me what my workout was so it could more accurately record in the future. I am a slow walker still with my bad knee and back problems, so I can understand the confusion. Haha. It has recorded everyday since on it's own.

I also like the more accurate depiction of calories burned. It only tells me the calories I burn during my workout as opposed to the Fitbit which totals calories burned for every movement and non-movement during the day. This can be a huge difference for someone like me. Now I can't look and say, "I burned all those calories, good, than I can eat______". I have been known to have this magical thinking process, which doesn't really work.

I discovered this morning there is even an option to help calibrate the accuracy of the steps for you. You can tell it exactly how far you went on your walk or run and it will take the information into account in the future. I haven't tried that yet, but I think I will go walk around a track and check it out sometime soon.

I have to admit I am used to looking at my Fitbit and seeing the number of steps. So, at first that was a little weird for me. But if you know your total steps for your goal you can estimate the number you have completed by the number of lights on the tracker. Having the ease of tracking and the more accurate calorie reading definitely outweighs knowing the exact number in my mind.

I am required by law to disclose "I received The Spark for free from SparkPeople and did not receive any form of payment for my review."

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