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Day 44 of Insanity

Friday, October 04, 2013

Today is Day 44 of Insanity, and I have mixed feelings. Today was max Interval circuit – it’s the longest workout in the whole program, a full 60 minutes long… and that really gets to me. Not the workout, but the number. Just the number. It’s hard for me to find the motivation to get up and do the workout knowing how long it is. My alarm went off this morning.. and I hit snooze, as usual, twice (I know you’re not supposed to hit snooze because it’s a time waster, but I do anyway). Then I laid there. Just laid there – that number 60 flying around me, over my head, taunting me. I kept thinking, “I should do it tonight, when I’m in the right frame of mind, able to get into it, won’t be late to work, ughhhh, 60 minutes… 60 minutes…. 60 minutes….” Thought after thought after thought: Maybe I should do a different workout… maybe I could do a month 1 workout that’s shorter… maybe I can fit it in tonight after I visit my friend’s sister in the rehab center… maybe this, maybe that, maybe, maybe, maybe… 60 minutes! Finally, after laying there for about 25 minutes I was awake enough to get past the 60 minutes and bound out of bed and start the workout. But 25 minutes late starting it means it would go 25 minutes late which would mean I would be late to work! At first I didn’t care since I’m salary and work plenty of extra hours anyway, but then I decided I didn’t want it to become habit, and since I was just complaining yesterday and the day before about my circumstances at work with things that I wanted to continue to be a model employee and not let myself develop any bad routines or mindsets out of frustration. So in the end I cut out 1 rep of each of the 3 different sets of exercises, and I did quicker stretching than he does. I was still a little late to work, but not by much, and I got a partial workout it.

I was kicking myself though because as I was doing the workout I was full of energy! I was jumping and moving and had power and control, and was able to push myself better than ever. Now I wonder how it would have gone if I had done the whole workout. Tomorrow is Plyo and I’m looking forward to doing the whole workout and seeing how much more my body can do.

My weekend has filled up a bit. Yesterday morning I had no plans and now today I am visiting my friends sister tonight after work (she had a stroke! 20 years old and she had a stroke that has paralyzed ½ her body. They think she’ll make a full recovery and be able to regain control of her body, but everyone is just in shock. No family history, non smoker, non drinker, 20 years old – they have no idea yet what caused it), tomorrow night I get to babysit the bebe’s again (SO EXCITED! Niece:9, nephew:7, and niece:2 1/2), and Sunday I’ll be going with my Aunt to pick up my Uncle from a dock from moving his boat down there. So I’m not sure what else I’ll fit in to my weekend for workouts besides Insanity, but usually on the weekend I take a walk or do some activity. I still want to see what I’m capable of on the track, so I might head there. Maybe I could do that Sunday morning and I could do my recovery workout after picking up my Uncle. We’ll see.

Hope you’re all having a Sparktastic Day, and do a better job getting your workout in then I did!
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  • GINAC0
    I give you a LOT of credit for getting up at all. I can not get myself up early to work out for anything.
    1418 days ago
    There's no rule that you must absolutely do the whole workout in the morning. When you find yourself stuck on 'this will take 60 minutes" maybe you could tell yourself that you'll do the first 15 minutes then decide if you want to keep going or if you want to fast forward to the cool down. Then you're removing that "60 minutes" mental block and giving yourself the chance to get into the workout before deciding. If you do cut it short you can finish it later in the day or decide to skip the rest should you get busy. It gives you options.
    1418 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    I don't believe that kicking yourself counts as exercise
    1418 days ago
  • UFEDAK85
    I know what you mean! When I know my workout is 30 mins or less, I can usually muster up the energy to do it on my "I don't want to workout" days. However, when a long workout is scheduled (anything over 45 mins is long for me) it makes it that much harder to press play! Good news is you got a partial workout in! Even greater news is the fact that since your partial workout was a month 2 Insanity workout, it counts as a full workout if you base it off of any other workouts! emoticon

    Sounds like you have a very busy weekend. I hope everything goes well and hope you have a fabulous weekend!
    1419 days ago
    Don't think ahead about what workout you are going to do the next day, clear your mind of that extra information. Just set your clock and get up at the same time (make sure it leaves you ample time to do the 60 minute workout), and surprise yourself each morning - just read the workout calendar. This will eliminate the time dread ! No more "60 minutes" flying around and giving you a chance to procrastinate. You are doing great ! Love your blogs !
    1419 days ago
    I think you just got a scenic view of "The Slippery Slope". Once you let yourself negotiate your way out of doing something it will be easier each time to talk yourself out of it.

    I find that any time I have to make a decision about what to eat or when or whether or not to exercise, I've subconsciously given myself permission to blow it off if I feel like it.

    When I'm determined to develop a new habit (the one I've been working on for the past couple of months is getting enough veggies each day) I have to make the terms non-negotiable and permanent. Yes, it means that change comes slower to me than to some, but I no longer have to think about those old habits, nor about the new. They're just routine and I just do them.

    Not meaning to be a downer, just offering some cautionary advice! Hope you have a great weekend!
    1419 days ago
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