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Too much vit D? Sinus weather. And swim lesson.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Disjointed blog title? Would you believe (best Maxwell Smart voice)... a sign of a disjointed couple of days?

First off, the doctor called the pharmacy and put in a prescription for me that I first found out about when the pharmacy called to say it was ready for pick up. And I looked at the lab results and that the doctor had actually ordered this mega-dose of vitamin D for me, to take once a week. This is actually a renewal of what he gave me last Winter.

So, I dither a little in my mind, then Wednesday morning, decided this was the day I was going to start taking it again. I had suspended taking it because... well, I was out in the sun a lot over the summer, with what little training I *did* do and I didn't want to overdo it. But there was another reason I quit taking it, and until I did... I had forgotten. This stuff makes me feel kinda woozy the first day. And I started feeling unsteady midway through my workday Wednesday. I came home.

Oh, worse... I didn't just put myself to bed... I indulged in some comfort eating before I did... a little at loose ends, a little worried about this dizzy/woozy feeling. I know better, but I did it anyway. Thursday morning I woke to thunder and lightning. And swollen sinus passages and a headache. I opted to stay home from work.

Now my mother had this rule. If you're too sick to go to school, you are too sick to play. Or go to Brownies, or whatever other after-school activity you had planned. And I had a swim lesson (my first) scheduled for after work time Thursday.

I dragged my feet about canceling it, though. By late afternoon I WAS feeling better, so with some feeling of "guilt" and the resolution that even if I were to relapse I HAVE to get my rear to work today, I went. After the swim lesson I filled the car's gas tank and bought a couple of things I was out of at the grocery store (because breakfast this morning without skim mile would just be WRONG). Then proceeded to have a choppy sleep due to the weather alarm radio repeatedly going off.

The swim lesson itself? I asked the aquatics director if she got many old ladies asking for swim lessons & she said I was her first. She usually gets kids. It doesn't matter: she watched me do 50 yards of freestyle and then told me what I am going to need to correct about my stroke, and we spent the rest of the half hour session working on arm action, and my right side breathing. I have homework for my weekend practice session. I'll be doing the lessons Tuesday and Thursday evenings for the next four and a half weeks. Then we'll see about next steps.

So far, on a sample of one, I'm pleased: I knew I needed to work on these things, but having a pro walk up and down and watch my form and give me specific direction on what to work on first? Worth it, in my book, to avoid scattering my fire.

Oh, and if anybody is interested in what the trackers do when you're having a truly "inactive" day? The one that got it closest to right... the Fitbit Flex. It only recorded 7769 steps, whereas the OMRON clocked in at 11394, and the Spark at 10,356.

So... to add to your comparison observations: Fitbit Flex records cycling better, records LESS activity if your steps are the slow in the house variety... and can track sleep. Spark tracker integrates smoothest with the site. OMRON is the least costly option. All of them do a good job of trends over time. So pick what's most important to YOU in terms of a tracker.

LIFE is good. Spark on.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My parents had that same rule. It kept me free of the dreaded spanishtestitis especially on a Friday night.

    I did the swim lesson bit at the Y and just finished last week. I'm not entirely sure if it was worth it. I guess it was in that I got a few pointers but I think the instructor I had was more used to working with people who can't swim so she seemed a bit confused by my just wanting to better my stroke and all.
    1596 days ago
  • ANDI571
    I remember that rule, and did use it on Kel from time to time. But isn't it freeing to be our age and do what we dern well please. Woo Hoo!
    1597 days ago
    I have now had 2 of 4 swim lessons at age 56. I am very comfortable in the water but was self conscious about my form since I had never had formal training (and a Master's coach critiqued in such a way as to make me feel inadequate). I too am finding the instruction helpful. I am spacing my lessons out to every 2-3 weeks to have time to practice in between. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1597 days ago
    sounds like a mega dose of vit D--and good for you to take swim lessons--really stroke correction eh?
    1599 days ago
    My mom went to the same mother training that your mother attended!

    And I took swim lessons in my 30s - I learned to swim as a child, but the river was notorious for the pollution, and I kept getting eye infections. So my mother told me to just swim on my back. By college, I could swim a mile or so nonstop, but only on my back. Eventually, I figured I needed to re-learn to swim with my face in the water, so joined a class at the YMCA that was specifically for adults.
    1599 days ago
    Did our mums know each other??? Hope you're all better now: glad you went to your swimming class anyhow!!
    1599 days ago
    Oh I know who Maxwell Smart is! I live in southern New Mexico so usually get adequate sun, even in most of the winter. My son doesn't spend much time outside (grown son) and his doctor put him on Vit D also although OTC and not script. Hope the negative effects wear off soon Glad you are happy with your swimming lessongs.
    1599 days ago
    Interesting about the D. I take a low dose during the summer, because I figure I spend enough time outside. Also interesting info on the trackers.
    1599 days ago
    Did you know that 4 days of casual time in the sun without sunscreen can bring your vitamin D levels up to normal? There can be side effects of vitamin D, like dry mouth or headache, but not many. I had vitamin D toxicity from taking vitamin D and spending a lot of time in the sun. It included feeling nauxious and mucle pain. It might be worth another blood test. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
    1599 days ago
    I was interested to hear that you Vit D was making you woozy. My Dr just prescribed me a Vit D supplement after having a blood test that resulted in very very low Vit D. I have yet to pick up the presciption, though I know I should, especially with daylight waning and spending even less time outside! I will have to see if I feel woozy when taking it, too.
    1599 days ago
    Sounds like you are joining me in the scattering winds of the season change...
    The mega doses of D seem a little disconcerting - possible to take a supplement daily? (Of course, that's what 'I' do)
    Glad you didn't cancel the emoticon lesson and we have unplugged the ridiculous weather radio - one thing to be alerted of tornadoes, but thunderstorms... not!
    1599 days ago
    Hmmmm. . . . quizzical about Vit. D causing dizziness/wooziness! Glad it has resolved. I was on mega dose Vit. D but only prescribed for 3 months, then had to have a re-check of my Vit. D level. I was on the same regime . . . 10,000 IU Vit. D weekly. Now I just take daily Vit. D with my calcium (believe it's 2000 IU). AT any rate, this is the time of year for me when I need to be checked again with the waning daylight. (Sheesh . . . guess I'm long winded today! Sorry!)

    Good luck with your swim lessons.

    1599 days ago
  • DALID414
    My mom used that same rule about being sick emoticon
    1599 days ago
    I know who Maxwell Smart is and the Cone of Silence too! Perhaps if you ate something before taking the VITAMEN D, you wouldn't feel woozy.....If it is a 24 hr release of dosage, then take it when you go to bed.
    1599 days ago
    Exciting to be improving your swimming, breathing and strokes, even now after you've completed Triathlons!! Wise to get the instruction. Very impressive, Barb. Thanks for the reviews on the gadgets. I'm thinking of a Spark Activity Tracker. Might be motivating to move more during non-exercise times. I think it would be worth the money.
    1599 days ago
    Great read!! You're remarkable!!

    I'm taking Vitamin D2 also, 5,000 units. According to my doctor half of America tests on the low side.
    Do have to say this Barb. I feel a lot less sluggish since starting on the "D"
    Good luck with the training and when you get a chance can you let me know the units of D2 your doctor prescribed,
    Ginny (Healthy Hearts) emoticon
    1599 days ago
    The doctor put me on 2000 IU of Vitamin D per day in March. The next time I was in for another subject, after getting blood work with Vitamin D in the lower part of the normal range, I asked how long I should be taking it. The answer? "For life. Unless you move the Caribbean or Arizona. Everyone who lives at this latitude has a Vitamin D deficiency."

    Of course, Lincoln is a bit further south than Rochester. However, people will stay indoors, be covered in longer sleeves, and wear sunscreen a lot more than they did when I was a kid. From seeing the Vitamin D pills available over the counter (1000 IU, 2000 IU, and 5000 IU), and from hearing the discussion from the doctor, I'm thinking that the current medical guidance is more than the 400 IU per day that was historically recommended. I take this to be a reflection of the changing American lifestyle over my lifetime.
    1599 days ago
    I have had difficulty enforcing Mom's rule on my own kids. Yes, I believe it was to deter us from "faking" being sick, but I think there were also times that I went to school feeling poorly just because I didn't want to be bored at home. I had to feel pretty miserable to not go to school. Work is different. You seldom miss work, and the swim lesson was just what you needed to confirm your "wellness."

    1599 days ago
    I have parathryoidism and my D levels are constantly below 30 which is the minum suggested number on the chart. each day I take mega doses of D3 just to keep it from slipping back into the teens. so for me there is never enough d out there
    1599 days ago
    I have concerned about those mega-vit D pills too. I took the once a week kind to get my level up to normal range. Now I take the D3 1000 almost every day. There's something about throwing a megadose at my body all at once that bothers me, although I never had a reaction that I noticed.

    Good for you in taking the swim lessons. I learned to swim at the Y when I was 28 years old. I had 3 kids that I insisted learn to swim REALLY well since I couldn't even float. I had never even put my face in the water. Now I can swim 1000 yards alternating free and breaststroke. I think it actually helped to have no skills at all. There were no bad habits to unlearn.

    I hope you feel better soon.
    1599 days ago
    I'm surprised that someone who gets as much sun as you is short vitamin D.

    My mother used to say the same thing when I was sick.
    1599 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Glad you went to your swim meet...and hope you feel better real soon...I hate that "icky" feeling of nausea/woozy-ness...ick. I handle that feeling in the same way you did in the past...not sure how I will do since I have gotten totally on track?

    Thanks for keeping us up on the trackers...I did order the spark one but now I am wondering from today's blog if my Omron will still be my favorite. Mine is just SO big compared to the others and bulky in my pocket or clipped to my pocket...I just hope I am not sorry...if I am I will give it to a friend or something.

    Have a GREAT feel-better Friday, Barb! emoticon
    1599 days ago
    Can't help but wonder if everyone here knows who Maxwell Smart is.
    Glad you had the energy to go to the first swim lesson. I read somewhere that just putting in the swim time will straighten out swimming form enough to do triathlon swim portions. I don't know if that's correct, but it was all I needed to hear to deter me from taking lessons.
    Hope you feel 100% real soon.
    1599 days ago
    As to the Vit D: I am up to 3000 IU per day right now and building up to at least 5 by the end of the month.

    I only use the FitBit for tracking.

    As to the comfort food: You were sick! Even I go off program when I'm sick. No biggie unless we blow it out of proportion to punish ourselves. And I am VERY strict on eating.

    Hope you feel better.
    1599 days ago
    Glad you're feeling better, and that you didn't cancel the swim lesson. You know Mom's rule was designed around not letting you fake the illness to get out of school. I know your work ethic doesn't allow you to do that with work!
    1599 days ago
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