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Eh, I muddling through being ill

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Its not as bad as I thought it would be but its never fun being sick right!

I was thinking another good thing about eating well and getting good sleep and exercise is that you rarely get ill. (Or at least its true in my case) The doctor said its just a flu type thing and I should be alright soon. No need to take antibiotics or anything since I don't have a cough or fluid in my lungs etc. I told him no drugs (antibiotics) and he said I wasn't going to give you any so relax. I had pneumonia once I had to take these huge luger pills. I wasn't impressed with that.

I just ate and I'm not tracking my food while I'm ill because I can barely eat anything besides soup, tortilla sandwiches and light foods. Right now I am having Diet Coke because the carbonation helps my stomach. I'd rather have Ginger Ale but I'm much too lazy to go and get it at the store. The SO thinks I should go and get it but I said if you would like for me to have it then you bring it over for me. The kind of guy he is he'll bring it over but I told him I only drink the sugar free kind. I can't really tolerate regular sodas. I don't drink much soda anyhow its just the carbonation helps with the nauseated feeling I have.

Its sunny today which cheers me up some and despite feeling gross I'll be alright soon enough.

Football is tonight and I watched the Wildcard in baseball last night. Cleveland couldn't score if their life depended on it but Francona did well for his first season for The Tribe. I know he wanted to get back to the World Series. They may have gotten to play Boston. I have no clue who may win the big dance but if the Dodgers won I would not be unhappy. My Angels have to do something this offseason its getting to be a slog watching them minus Mike Trout. These players who get these huge contracts are not worth it, period. Pujols and Hamilton suck and I think the Yanks should let Cano if he thinks he is worth 300 million, NOT! Granted players are the ones we tune into see but I think either the money goes to their head and they try to hard and it shows in their performance or they get lazy and they look it.

Be Happy~
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