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Too much excitement. Plus Day 2

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Yesterday was fantastic, right up until late evening. Then it was.... ultimately just kind of funny.

~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~

***~**Suck-Free October DAY 2**~***

Days all food tracked: 2/31
Days in calorie range: 2/26
Days under 2000 cal: 2/29
Protein over 90g: 1/14 88. SO CLOSE!
Fiber in range: 2/23
Took vitamins: 1/31

Cups of water: 9/ 8
Total water: 20 /248

Fruit & Veggie servings: 7/6
Total F/V in October: 15 /190

Workout days: 2/15 total
Strength training days: 1/5

~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~

Not too bad! Yesterday's food was planned entirely around stuffing my face with banana muffins for dessert. Which I did. (stuffing my face = eating two, one plain one chocolate chip walnut.)

(I was originally going to draw pictures of me stuffing my face with banana muffins, but stick around: it gets better)

The workout was a good brisk 2 mile walk in the morning. Which is good that I got that done, since I couldn't do my run today. For a reason as to why, please see Awkward Stick Figure Storytime!

That's me, workin on crafts after dinner.

If you are super smart perhaps, you can totally see where this is going.

So yeah. Heh.

There was a fair amount of drama after this, though none of it specifically on my part. I requested bandaids, which I was brought from upstairs by a friend that was over. I requested paper towels (one wet one dry) to wipe away the blood so I could bandage, which I was brought by husby, who was preparing to become hysterical.

It honestly didn't hurt much. It took a few seconds to start bleeding, as cuts do. But I more or less skinned my inner thigh for about a quarter inch or so deep. Like, there's a flap, a significant flap(several mm thick. If this were a cut that went straight down, it would totally qualify as DEEP) if I were to let it flap open I'm betting it would stretch/rip open even further. It was pretty gross! My main concern was not that it was super dangerous or anything, but that bandaids wouldn't hold it back together.

But I held it closed and then closed it with butterfly closures. Thank God I had some! Once the butterflies were on it didn't bleed at all. I put a giant bandaid over to basically protect the butterflies, and it's been fine. (If I had not had butterflies, I suspect I would have needed stitches after all.)

My friend offered numerous times to take me to the hospital, but honestly I don't think I need to go to the hospital for something that isn't bleeding and doesn't hurt. So I didn't.

Husby was all AHHHHH YOU COULD HAVE SEVERED YOUR FEMORAL ARTERY. Which... heh. A rotary cutter blade, while SOOPER sharp, is about 1cm with the guard off. I am pretty sure this super vital artery is more than 1cm under the skin, even if I had jammed it straight in. Also, I got myself in the direct inner thigh (basically where your chafe happens, if you happen to chafe); the artery is further toward the front.

So yeah. heh. It's a bad cut but it's really not THAT bad. But obviously I did not go running this morning in case my fat girl thigh chafing should open up my near fatal thigh flap. If it hasn't started to hold/heal itself closed in a few days, I'll go get inner thigh flab stitches I guess.

When he was done being all OH MY GOD DON'T DIE, I'M VERY ATTACHED TO YOU AND ALSO I CAN'T FEED MYSELF, husby was like YOU'RE PROBABLY GOING TO HAVE A SCAR, which again. Heh. Have you SEEN my inner thighs? An inch scar is kind of the least of my problems. Oh no, my swimsuits illustrated cover dreams, ruined! LOL!

I am hoping it will be stable to run the 5k on Sunday; I plan to at the very least walk it. I've been walking around all day with no ill effect; it's still zero bleeding. No pain, just sometimes if my thighs rub together a certain way I can feel the bandage pulling.

Ironic - the fabric I was cutting? For my tutu, for the 5k. OH LIFE. YOU SO HILARIOUS.

Butt bow:

So that was my adventure. We have all learned a valuable lesson about sitting on the floor and cutting fabric that is bigger than the rotary mat on the rotary mat, and how the right way to do that is not to cut half a stroke away from you and the other half a stroke toward you, and also especially not if you are wearing shorts and kind of clumsy.

I pretty much bandaged myself up, got another glass of water, and finished my tutu, which is bangin. Full shots of it at the race Sunday. I will update anyone who cares on my thigh flap as of Saturday, but in all honestly I think it is going to be fine. I can put some extra bandage over the butterflies to cushion it, but pants provide plenty of cushion as it is. The butterflies are the main thing, and leaving them alone long enough to let it heal back together.

Maybe I should spin this like I'm a new age gritty comic book character now...

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  • LEB0401
    Thigh flap! QUEASE!!!

    You are a bigger woman than I, I wouldn't have squealed and created all sorts of drama.

    I think you're going to have to craft Dangerous Crafter's eye mask now.
    1475 days ago
    I'm glad your okay. The tutu is rocking.
    1476 days ago
    Be more careful! Glad you are okay! Love the tutu!
    1476 days ago
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