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Seeing Changes

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Today marks the first week of Transition to Maintenance. I haven't followed the Take Shape for Life Transition program to the letter, but I have been closely monitoring what I eat and how much. And so far, it seems to be working - today, I weighed in at ~153 pounds.

But the thing that really made me happy was what I've seen in other areas. I've noticed my size 10 pants seem to be looser in the waist. My stomach seems a bit firmer, less jiggly. And when I do core exercises such as medicine ball situps or back extensions with the ball, I seem to be a lot stronger and needing to use more weights.

These are all very encouraging signs for me. It's easy, when you move from Weight Loss to Maintenance or Transition, to lose a focus. I can get so wrapped up in seeing pounds loss that when I don't anymore, I throw in the towel. That's why it's incredibly important to find new goals. Goals about:

+ Exercising
+ Water drinking
+ Sleep!
+ Meditation/Me Time
+ Healthy Eating

all can help keep Maintenance exciting and invigorating, like seeing the pounds drop off the scale. And THAT can help me stay on Maintenance instead of giving up.

Society would like to say it's all about the pounds and being as skinny as possible. That's not true; as I've said before, health looks different on different people. I can't tell my sister how to live healthy, because her body and mine is different. I can't tell my parents how to be healthy - they are older than me and have different needs. And I can't be healthy like Jennifer Lopez is healthy - again, age, body, lifestyle are completely different.

When we take our focus OFF weight and put it onto something else, such as personal improvement, we gain a better, healthier focus. One that is on living Healthy our entire lives instead of looking good. And while I like to look good, I really want to FEEL good. Because feeling good will last my entire life!
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