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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Here I am, starting once again. I could easily say that I'm a failure at losing weight, and I HAVE said that to myself many times. But it really isn't true. Failing at something that you COULD succeed at if you simply follow the rules is only TRULY failing if you give up altogether. Up to this point, after having gained all the weight back that I lost, and then some, I have not yet made the decision to follow the rules. Until today.

I realize now, after reading something on a Blog early this morning, that one of the hard, fast rules I must follow is to track my calories. I have always wanted it to be easier than that, so I have tended to follow diet plans that already have the calories counted for me, I just have to eat exactly what it says, but it never works long term, because life happens and invariably I have to vary from the plan. The easy way doesn't get the weight off, so as of today, that changes.

I HAVE stayed consistent with my workouts, at least, so that's something to pat myself on the back for. There have been days when I did NOT want to work out, but I did it anyway. Now it's time to be consistent with the calorie-tracking and healthier eating overall.

This morning I woke up early and did some thinking about something else, another reason for needing to get serious. Yesterday, I compared my 6-year old daughter's weight to other children her same age in an online Facebook group. Her weight was higher than all of them of her same height. There was only ONE who was even close, and HE was still 12 lbs. lighter than my daughter, and he was slightly taller as well. Ouch. I already knew she was overweight, but since she's tall, it's not as obvious and therefore easier to not take as seriously. But when I saw those numbers, it really hit home that I need to get serious about my own eating habits so that my daughter's will improve as well. It will also affect my husband, who is also overweight. I can't control what he eats away from home, but I can control what I have in the house, at least.

I need to get us more active, too. It won't be easy. I have a pretty full schedule with homeschooling and running two home-based businesses. Plus, my previously injured foot decided to act up again, which put me out of commission this week from workouts and even put me on crutches so I could stay off the foot and still get things done, but today it's better enough to where I can at least do some swinging on a swing at the park and maybe some pull-ups on the monkey bars (haha, yeah right, more like drop-and-hangs) and tricep dips and situps.

So this morning I got up earlier, and got my daughter up earlier, so that she can be done with her schooling earlier (she does schooling through an online academy), and added to my To-Do list: "Go to park for one hour." (I do give my daughter a recess at home where she goes outside to play, and she gets other activity as well, but I don't feel that it's enough.)

And... back to tracking calories today. Ugh. Lol. One thing that gets under my skin about calorie-tracking is when the calories listed on the food label of something new I'm eating (that isn't in My Favorites) doesn't match up with what is listed for that food in the tracker, so I have to input it as a New Food which.takes.time. It makes me wonder, are the people who are entering them doing it wrong, or are the calories different in different parts of the country/other countries? Oh well, at least once I put it in, I can save it to My Favorites. And it's not like it happens all the time.

Oh, and by the way, since I LOVE a challenge, I'm going to set a lofty goal for myself. To be able to do ONE full pull-up and FIVE full push-ups by the end of this month (October 31).

Here we go!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you, LIZSPRINGSTEEN!
    1598 days ago
    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!
    1599 days ago
    IGNITEME101 ~ emoticon And best wishes to YOU for success! emoticon
    1599 days ago
    I left the program, went back to college, gained all my weight back plus and am on the road again.
    In fact I've done that 2 times since I got over 200 pounds 4 years ago.
    I got down to 178 once.
    I could jog a couple of miles then, too.
    This time I have a different attitude.
    Lifestyle change! I want it desperately!
    I know what the 'issues' are that make me choose to quit losing weight, also.
    You are at a wonderful rewarding time in your life! Hang in there~
    I also homeschooled. YOU are as important as every lesson you are teaching your daughter!
    Bless you!
    1599 days ago
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