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Today I declare my independence to addiction

Thursday, October 03, 2013

You know we are not just here to help each other lose weight but to be friends to help each other keep our sanity. Food addiction is truly a disease just like alcoholism. I took morphine pain pills for almost 2 years when I had all those operations, infections and cancers. I never got hooked on it. My sister says if you took morphine you are addicted. I could care less about it. I took my last pill a week ago and said good riddance. Before I took those last six pills, I hadn't taken any for over a year. I only took them for pain for these shingles .
Food is another thing altogether. You have to eat it to survive. It is focusing on the distinction of food to survive and not survive to have food. I know we can break the cycle of addicting foods and I truly believe what I have read about manufacturers putting something in food to make it so.
I can't afford organic and even so I read that a lot of organic food has antibiotics in it. That makes no sense but it is from a reliable source. I put it in the team for people to sign the petition to stop them from doing that, I think last week. Anyway we know what we should be eating and how much but for some reason when it comes from the brain to the mouth it translates differently. It is because it is a habit to just pick what is easy, comforting and what we are used today.
Today I declare my independence from this food addiction. I lost 4 pounds this week and could be doing it weekly if I didn't get so excited about the loss and give myself a cheat day. I figured I don't have to weigh in for another week so this one day won't hurt. It starts off just one unplanned meal and ends up for the day. I thought I was over doing that but did it again yesterday. I am big on talk but I need to follow through.
My biggest trouble is my husband bringing me the bad stuff. I know he does it because he wants his chips and salt. He doesn't care that his legs are swollen 2 times their normal size he just has to have those chips and salt all over his food. He uses light salt but two doctors have told him that if doesn't quit with the salt, the swelling won't go down and if the swelling doesn't go down then his foot ulcer will not heal.
Today is my first step toward independence. He brought me a bag of funyuns, which means he ate his bag of chips on the way home. He doesn't fool anybody. It is to make him feel less guilty because if I can't refrain from eating the wrong foods, he feels he has an excuse too. Well I am done being his excuses. I told him I did not want the funyuns and he said then he would eat it. I told him that is up to him.
So today I declare my independence from food addiction.
I promise to think long and hard before I put something in my mouth.
I promise my body that I will get at least 50 min. a day of exercise.
I promise myself to take each day as it comes and see the positive side.
I promise to give thought as to the salt as well as the calories and carbs.
I am already tracking my food In the nutrition tracker but I promise to check any food that I change from my tracked food to put it in first before I eat it to see if I can have it.
I promise that if I do eat food that is not as healthy that I make a place for it so I don't go over my calorie or carb range.
I promise to go by the meal for my carbs because, according to the doctor, diabetics can not save up carbs for another meal if they don't use it that meal. I have not been good on that.
I promise to be me but to know that I am worth it and to know that food can be either a friend or an enemy. The choice to distinquish which is up to me. It is my path, my life and my choice. It is time to take one more positive step. I have taken quite a few this year but I know I need to take more.

Pam ( Hawtgranny 2014)

Now it is up to you. Your choice as to if you truly want to make your life better or if you want to keep making excuses, like my hubby, to keep yourself forever overweight and unhealthy.
Now it the day to declare your independence. You can do it. We are worth every step we take. Life isn't meant to be full of pain and heartache. It is meant to live fully , taking every day and cherishing it. somedays when I am full of pain, I think about all the wrong choices I have made and how many times I have started again and let myself sink back into those bad habits. I am doing better but still have a ways to go. The future can be bright or it can be bleak. It is a choice which each have to make for ourselves. So I say let's go for it. Let's believe in ourselves and rock this world. We all have a light inside of us that is waiting to shine. I say lets shine it, brighter than a thousand stars and enough to rival the sun.
We can heal the earth and each other by just trying and making those right choices.
Sorry I tend to make a blog, a novel, but I care so much that I want to help all of us. The world could be such an awesome place if we make it one. One is the operative word because we are all connected. We are all on this journey of life and it has twists and turns and snags along the way. We have to be strong and not be emotional eaters. Let's see this as a journey to the light. Namaste, Pam
I want to invite you all to the lightworkers team.

Who am I? I am a lightworker. I had let that slip and almost die but I feel the light within.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon It is so easy to let things get away from up, but being determined can help us reach our goals. emoticon
    1625 days ago
    emoticon my dear! well said.
    1625 days ago

    BRAVO!!! You're doing exactly what the Word says to do. The Word tells us that if we have a vision to write it down and make it plain. Well, that's exactly what you did. You're speaking it into existence, and that's a MARVELOUS thing!!! emoticon whole heartedly with EVERYTHING YOU SAID!!! You go, girl!!! I even saw some visions in there for me, also!!!

    Thanks so much for the pep talk!!!

    Be blessed,

    - Nancy Jean -
    1626 days ago
    Excellent promises to yourself and emoticon I believe in you!
    1627 days ago
  • LETHA_
    emoticon Unhealthy food is addictive. I love reading your commitment statements. You will succeed and reach your goals!
    1627 days ago
    Pam, I know emoticon ! Great blog my friend! I know what it is like to have a husband who brings all kind of less healthy stuff into the home. I know he doesn't do it to sabotage my efforts, but he just doesn't realize how it affects me. I have decided, that this is my issue, and not his, and I have to figure out a way to live with it. Some days are better than others. But I know you and I both can be victorious!

    Thanks for being who you are and for never giving up! emoticon
    1627 days ago
    Pam, I really enjoyed your blog. Eatting is something we need to do for survival yet it also can be for other things to. Its a social event or comfort measure. It can expand the senses and it can be a hobby. It also can be a crutch, an addiction, and an excuse. The most important thing is to control the food and not let the food control you. Your blog made me think of all these things so I really appreciate you saying this and it helps me to make sure that I am controlling what I eat and not the other way around. Thankyou
    1628 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1628 days ago
  • STAV44
    You are so right Pam. Food is an addiction that we will fight for the rest of our lives. There is no "being clean for any length of time" for us because we have to eat every day to live. All we can do is make the right choice each time we eat something. One bite at a time.
    1628 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/3/2013 12:58:57 PM
    So true Pam - food is one addiction that you cannot cut off cold Turkey -all in moderation - The Morphine - for Shingles absolutely , ouch- Back to food it is hard to work on a plan when other household members sabotage but that is their body and although we care for them , they need to deal with their issues. I know I watch my husband kill himself everyday being a serious heart patient . For myself I have decided that I am in charge of myself and choose to stop harboring issues to binge eat - in order to rid yourself from an addiction you need a clean palate, only then can we set ourselves free ! Congrats on the weight loss. Karen emoticon
    1628 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/3/2013 12:36:07 PM
    Love the blog and your words are so inspiring.
    I was exactly the same way. Lost nearly 7 kilos and
    seem to have put on 2 now and that was because I didn't
    respect my body enough. Your pep talk has sure made me
    see the light. I will try so much harder. It's too bad that your
    husband is not keen to help himself. His choices must be
    hard for you to live with. My sister is the same with her hubby-
    she said there is nothing more I can do and she is living her
    life as healthily as possible. You do what is right for you.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1628 days ago
    Sending lots of supportive emoticon your way Pam. I know how strong a hold the food can have because I've fought with it for over a decade.
    1628 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    Love your determination!
    1628 days ago
  • FIT4MEIN2013
    Pam, this is an argument that I have had for YEARS! Food addiction is much more difficult than any other, because you can't go "cold turkey". You must learn moderation. Others cannot seem to 'get it'.

    Anyway, I am so glad to have Sparkfriends that DO get it! The support in this site is incomparable to any other.
    1628 days ago
    sending love and light your way! yes, you are worth it!

    namaste emoticon
    1628 days ago

    Great Blog, Pam! We have to make food choices every day and deal with so many temptations!! I'm with you! I'm feeling the light and believe me, I really needed to feel it this morning!

    1628 days ago
    A very interesting post...All the best to you..determination will bring Success! emoticon emoticon
    1628 days ago
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