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Getting weaker and in more pain..

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Hi all, no time to post photos right now :(
I am very frustrated right now -for two days I have been unable to get into my Hotmail account :( Its the only one I have as I had to shut down my yahoo one that got hijacked :( I have never had trouble with Hotmail before. I have been eager to make contact with my new rheumy. He insisted I e-mail him after I got my blood tests done so he could confirm my e-mail and here it is not working for the first time since I opened it back in 1999!!!
The physiotherapist really worked me over today. She tried a maneuver that made her think now that my arm issue is partly originating in my neck. She pressure pointed all over in my shoulder and neck area and boy, did I have to grit my teeth. She wanted me to tell her if anything she did affected my elbow, but truth be known what she was doing was so intense I forgot all about my poor elbow lol. After this treatment I was sore all over in addition to my elbow. The pain ease spray did not last nearly long enough!! I did end up with better control over my elbow, but the pain was still there. I spent a miserable evening sitting playing bridge when all I wanted was to be home lying in bed :P price of physio went up and is now $60 for only a half an hour.
I did enjoy my trip to the Mineral Springs Spa in spite of the intense elbow pain rendering my arm useless for three days -trying to get in and out of a tight women's bathing suit, prepping my meals (I stayed in a kitchenette light housekeeping cabin) and struggling with a sticking door were all challenges I had to overcome. Learning to be really good at using my left hand and arm only..The massage was a let down -did nothing for me. I think she was too gentle, worried about all my health issues. I felt no more relaxed then when I went in -$88 wasted there. The cabins were separate from the hotel, so I had to walk through the freezing rain and high winds to get into the hotel proper then struggle with a heavy door with a smooth round metal knob. But the great bed, best I have ever slept in, was worth the effort -in spite of the pain I was able to sleep an average of 5-6 hours a night with wake ups, far more than at home. It was a posturepedic, and at first I thought it would be too soft which is bad for a sore back, but it was perfect. I never woke up with back pain.
The weather is here right now is horrible, cold, rainy near freezing. Does nothing to help my condition. Tomorrow I finally get my new orthotics. Hoping like Hell this is the final answer to continued foot problems.
I feel I am getting and weaker and in more pain daily. I have to wonder if this is the result of the new unknown arthritis that is attacking my shoulders, lower back and feet. Ironic the RA would be under a semblance of control while this new one rages on.
I will look forward to the Friday Zumbathon, as it for a charity dear to me, breast cancer.
I will also look forward to Cabela's Lady's day Out which Mom signed up for with me.
One bit of great news -my brother got hired on with a long time reliable computer company that was one of the first started in the our city and has a 100 employees! Ironically, it was in an area he has no expertise and needs training for!! This interviewer put the kibosh on the other interview he had in the same company for which he had experience for -unreal they would not hire him in the field he knows well!!
I hope everyone has a good Thursday!
Thanks for stopping by!
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